4 Affordable Ideas To Improve The Interior Design of Your Home

Issue: Jun 2021

4 Affordable Ideas To Improve The Interior Design of Your Home

Have you just received the keys to your new BTO? Or are you bored with your current home layout in Singapore? You may be looking for some tips and ideas to vamp up your home, especially with the holiday season approaching! Elaborate home renovations can be pricey, and we’re here to introduce some affordable ideas that you can use to change the look of your interior design without breaking the bank!

1. Use feature walls

Colourful feature wall

Feature walls are gaining popularity throughout the years. Its flexibility and creative aspect makes your home stand out from others. Creating a feature wall does not have to be costly too! All you have to do is to paint it an accent color, and display what you love on your walls.

For example, if all your other walls are white, use blue or red for a splash of colour! Let’s say you’re into action figures and sports, why not display your extensive collection of figurines or sporting equipment on your wall? If you’re still unsure of what kind of accent wall you’ll be into, consider browsing through magazines or even websites such as Pinterest for inspiration!

2. DIY whenever you can

Doing it yourself and getting your hands dirty is the best way to get things done on a budget. Subscribing to email sales newsletters, looking out for sample sales and browsing the web for trial promotions can help prudent and savvy homeowners save a lot! If you spend some time looking around, you will also often end up being pleasantly surprised by discounted items that are up your alley.

3. Repurpose your furniture

Modular Sofa

Invest in timeless instead of ‘in-season’ furniture - timeless furniture fits seamlessly in any space! If you want to switch up the colour of your furniture, a fresh coat of varnish, paint or new upholstery will work just fine in reinvigorating your home! Do pay special attention to what kind of laminates you use for your carpentry. At the same time, texture or fabric laminates can often replace expensive textiles.

One of the furniture we recommend is a modular sofa, which allows you to change up your living room arrangement any time you need. When you have guests over, individual sofa pieces can be shifted around to accommodate the room! It ensures that you do not have to worry about your guests not having seats to feel at home.

4. Always be clutter-free

Boxes of clutter

As always, none of the above tips will work unless your space is free of unwanted clutter! All you need to do is clean and declutter your home once in a while for your entire home to feel brand new. Explore ways to hide your clutter, be it in a cabinet or in a storeroom. Most importantly, keep it out of sight!

Nonetheless, the time will come when you run out of personal storage space to fill up. Most of us feel like we have used every nook and cranny to conceal our clutter, but things are always piling up! StorHub understands that feeling, and is here to provide an easy solution for those of us in this situation.

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