4 Ways to Make Space for Your Memories at Home

Issue: May 2022

4 Ways to Make Space for Your Memories at Home

Do you find yourself struggling to find space to store things at home? We've all got sentimental items that mean so much more than just memories. Whether it is trophies, old photo albums, childhood letters or memorable gifts, all of us have something that we hold dear. As our memorabilia and keepsakes grow, many of us may run out of storage space at home with little to no space to keep our memories alive.

Today, we explore 4 ways you can make space for your memories at home.

1) Clear your shelf

How many of us are guilty of buying huge bookshelves and end up filling the space with non-book related items? When we look at the number of things on the shelves, it drives us away before we even attempt to declutter the mess. The challenge does not lie in starting alone, pushing through the decluttering session requires perseverance as well.

A useful tip here is to try clearing your shelf over a course of a few days. If you find it tedious to clear your shelf space within a day. Start by clearing in sections and choose either to clear the biggest or the smallest sections first, then slowly move on to the remaining ones.

If you simply have shelves installed on your walls, it would be much easier and quicker to clear out the space to store your memorabilia.

2) Create more shelf space

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If you have empty walls at home, you can consider installing shelves for additional storage space. While shelves can offer you additional storage space, they can also add colours to your plain and boring walls. However, when creating new shelf space, you need to take note of the maximum weight that the shelf is able to hold. No matter how sturdy the shelf may be, it may still collapse if it fails to withstand the weight of the items placed on it.

3) Keep a digital copy

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When sorting through documents or photographs, consider scanning and saving them digitally versus storing boxes of paper copies which take up a lot of space. If you feel like you need the object to relive the moment but you just don't have the space anymore, you can take photos and make them into a digital copy.

When keeping digital copies of your memories, make sure you store the photos somewhere secure and back them up.

By saving a digital copy of your memories, it frees up a lot of physical storage space in your home. Now you can take a trip down memory lane whenever and wherever you want without sacrificing space in your home to do it.

4) Store them away from home

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Sometimes, we keep sentimental keepsakes without having them within reach all the time. You may have a vintage sewing machine from your grandparents or hand-me-down clothes like your old school uniform from your school days. For such instances, we know how much the memorabilia matter to most of us but they can be stored in a secondary location, so that you are essentially making room for other things at home where space may be needed for items in more constant use and demand.

In such cases, it would be better to store your sentimental items away from home, in a StorHub self storage facility in Singapore, where you can have as much space as you need to keep the things that really matter, without needing to worry about them competing for space with your day-to-day items.

What's more, StorHub storage facilities are also air-conditioned, which may help preserve the condition of your items that require extra and special care, such as photographs, which may deteriorate with too much warmth and humidity. With 24/7 access and 13 convenient locations around Singapore, your precious memories will always be available for you when you need them.

Adapt Your Solution To Your Needs

Ultimately, we are all going to have a different comfort level when it comes to the number of items we want to keep, particularly sentimental items.

We all have various levels of connection to our belongings. Different people struggle with getting rid of different things. For one person, clothing may have been easy to go through but the paperwork was difficult. For someone else, decluttering the kitchen may be a breeze but a shoe collection may hold sentimental value for them so it was harder to declutter.

Everyone has different experiences, connections, needs, likes and dislikes. You may choose to keep more or less than what other people keep but that's perfectly fine. There is no right amount to keep, but find the solution that works best for you. That is why StorHub offers self storage units in Singapore, with sizes ranging from 4 to over 1,600 square feet to meet different storage needs of people from all walks of life.

Regardless of the size of your home, you may still need extra space every now and then. With our personal storage units, you can be sure that you'll have the flexibility you need for any storage strategy you choose to adopt for your treasured memories. Everyone can do with a bit of extra space and StorHub is among the most affordable storage spaces in Singapore. Contact us at +65 6337 2000 to discuss your storage requirements and get a quote catered to your needs!

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