5 Tips For Keeping Your Figurine Collection Looking Mint

Issue: Apr 2023

5 Tips For Keeping Your Figurine Collection Looking Mint

How to take proper care of your figurine collection

Are you an avid collector of Bearbrick, Dunny, Reaction Figures, Popmart, Leblon-Delienne, Funko Pop, Medicom, or other art figurines? If so, you are part of a huge group of enthusiasts who share this lifelong passion. Understanding the right aftercare methods as well as how to store and maintain your figurines is crucial to this hobby. Since some of these figurines are part of limited edition collections or have unique, seasonal designs, they may be extremely sought-after, and their worth could increase in the future.

If not taken care of properly, your figurines could eventually start to peel and lose value. By adhering to these simple self-storage tips, you can keep your collection in pristine condition and preserve its value, something your future self will thank you for.

5 self-storage tips for keeping your collection looking great

Keep your collection away from UV light

An everyday issue on our little red dot is UV light, which can cause serious damage to your priceless figurine collection. Frequent or long-term exposure to UV light may result in the discolouration of your figurines, where the white parts turn yellow-brown, which can be challenging to remove or repair. It can also cause cracks and weaken components made of plastics, fabrics, and leather.

Especially in sunny Singapore, we cannot afford to let the scorching sun have its way. To reduce the impact of UV light damage, be proactive and remember to keep your figurines out of direct sunlight and try to reduce the amount of time they spend under fluorescent lights.

Monitor the temperature of the room your collection is stored in

Your collection would be best served by being stored somewhere that is protected from sudden shifts in temperature. Figurines can lose their colour over time and become misshapen if they are exposed to temperatures that are extremely high. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to extreme cold, while not as prevalent in Singapore, can make your figures brittle over time.

We recognise that it may be challenging to continuously check the temperature of the room where your figurines are kept. Fret not as you can look into self-storage options like StorHub Lifestyle, where your collection of figurines can be constantly kept in an air-conditioned unit.

Remove any batteries

The removal of batteries from any extra accessories that may be powered by them is an important consideration. This step is frequently overlooked, but it is critical in preventing damage to the mechanics of the figurine and avoiding any potential harm.

Batteries left in figurines can corrode over time, causing significant damage to the figurine's internal components. Corrosion can make removing the batteries difficult and may even require disassembling the figurine. If the corrosion is severe, removing the batteries may be impossible, rendering them useless. You can keep your figurines in pristine condition and ready for use by simply taking a few extra moments to remove batteries.

Figurine Self Storage

Make it a habit to dust regularly

Your figurines can collect dust over time, especially those with little nooks and intricate designs. When left to accumulate, these dust particles may harden, making it challenging to wash off. When this occurs, try using a Swiffer Duster or a brush with fine tips to get into those tight corners.

As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping your figurines in a glass case is one way to avoid dust accumulation. Clear glass displays not only allow you to show off your collection with pride, but because they are kept in an enclosed area, they require less cleaning. Simply wipe the glass display from time to time to maintain a shiny surface and remove the figurines for cleaning on a regular basis.

How StorHub can keep your figurine collection looking pristine

StorHub Lifestyle, equipped with glass display cabinets and a digital locking system, is dedicated to giving your figurines a second home. A few pieces from your figurine collection can be kept at your residence, and the rest can be housed at StorHub, which is always accessible. Additionally, your figurine collection has a better chance of retaining its quality and being passed down to future generations if they are stored properly. Also, who knows you might run into another ardent figurine collector at StorHub!

Other than being a safe storage facility in Singapore for your figurines, StorHub also allows you to keep other items such as personal and everyday items or documents. Want to find out more about StorHub Self Storage? Contact us today.

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