5 Ways to Keep Your Musical Instruments in Good Condition

Issue: Mar 2023

5 Ways to Keep Your Musical Instruments in Good Condition

Are you a music enthusiast or an aspiring musician who enjoys playing or collecting musical instruments? If so, follow our tips to keep them in good condition so they're ready for your next performance, whether its on stage or in your living room! Singapore's hot and humid weather, having limited space in your home, or lots of people hanging out in your apartment can make it tricky to keep your instruments safe, but there are still ways to make this less of a hassle. To learn more about how to keep your musical instruments in good condition and how StorHub can meet your storage needs, keep reading!

Why you should take care of your musical instruments

Whether you're a musician, avid collector or simply have an interest in music, musical instruments have a deep sentimental value. Your collection may consist of your very first instruments or a particular instrument that is your favourite to play on, so taking proper care is vital for their longevity.

Instruments can be tricky to store at home and can sometimes result in damage. With the right care and by safekeeping them in an extra storage space where there is a lesser chance of accidental damage, these instruments can be maintained in excellent condition. In the long-run, this also helps you to save money by avoiding costly repairs from improper storage. While devoting your time to hone your musical talent, here are some useful tips to maintain the condition of your instruments.

5 tips on maintaining your instruments

Keep your instruments clean

One important tip is to keep your instruments clean by getting rid of dirt and other debris such as fingerprints, sweat droplets, and dust residue that accumulated during its usage to significantly increase their lifespan. However, take note of using chemical-based household cleaners because they may be too strong for your instrument’s material and could cause exterior damage.

Wiping down your instruments with a clean wet cloth is usually enough to keep the exterior in good condition, but it’s always a good idea to check official instructions that came with the purchase just in case.

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Keep your instruments in their casings

Another important piece of advice is to keep your instruments in their cases. Although not as visually appealing as displaying the instruments, keeping them in their case protects them from dust in the environment. It is also an excellent way to protect your instrument from damage caused by bumping or falling.

In the event that you need to put them on display, avoid placing them near other objects that could potentially harm the instrument such as furniture with sharp corners or made of hard metal or fragile materials, and places where there will be a lot of footfall in case someone bumps them.

Keep an eye on storage conditions

One aspect that is frequently overlooked is the storage conditions of musical instruments. Because they are delicate structures that can be affected by changes in room conditions, keeping them in an extra storage space with air-conditioning can aid in their maintenance. It is also critical not to expose them to extreme temperatures, as fluctuations can warp and damage your instrument.

Refrain from putting objects directly on top of your instruments

Another tip that may seem self-explanatory but must be emphasised is to avoid placing objects directly on top of your instruments. This is especially so if the object is heavy, which may warp the shape or cause your musical instrument to fall over. Any fluid-containing objects should also never be placed near your instruments, as they could potentially leak and ruin them, causing them to stop working properly.

Don’t attempt to repair instruments at home

Even with extra care, your instruments can sometimes end up damaged through no fault of your own. When that happens, fret not! Bring your damaged instrument to an experienced technician who is skilled in handling musical instruments. Unless you are confident and are experienced, it is strongly discouraged to attempt repairing your musical instruments at home as this could result in further damage.

Apart from the above, consider purchasing a warranty to protect/cover future damages.

How StorHub can help with your storage needs

StorHub Lifestyle offers a variety of storage options to meet your needs, including units of various sizes and some with adjustable shelves. Not only are all units air-conditioned and well-lit, there is also a smart entry system that allows customers to share real time access with authorised personnel such as family members. Basic insurance is also provided for your musical instruments, allowing you a piece of mind knowing they are safe in storage.

With StorHub offering a wide range of storage services for personal use, businesses, hobbies or collectors, and documents, it also serves as an avenue for you to meet like-minded people who share the same interests, or even meet a fellow avid collector or hobbyist. Who knows, your next friend might be a StorHub neighbour!

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