5 Ways to Store Delicate Items in Humid Conditions

Issue: Mar 2020

5 Ways to Store Delicate Items in Humid Conditions

What’s in the average self storage unit? Electronics, clothes, decorations, that extra sofa and maybe some items from your kitchen? At StorHub, we’ve seen it all. However, the humidity here in Singapore is no joke. Having the right precautions to store your items, whether they can take the heat or damage easily, will ensure the longevity of everything you store in self storage.

Here are some of our best tips for handling the humidity in self storage, so you can best be prepared for storing in any condition.

Explore Your Options

With so many self storage options so limited in Singapore, it’s important to find the right self storage space that works with your needs. Shopping around for the right space can ensure that your humidity sensitive storage items remain in the best condition. Even if the storage facility you find doesn’t offer climate, temperature or humidity control options, there are a few hacks below you can use, like antique storage boxes and some of the best clothing storage ideas for optimal storing.

Invest in Air-Tight Storage Bins

Not all of us may have antique storage boxes for our delicate items, so many of us simply have to make do. Fortunately, large plastic storage bins exist and are quite affordable in comparison to other expensive storage options. These affordable alternatives are generally airtight and are spacious enough to pack multiple items that may be sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. While locking storage bins may not be able to protect from temperature extremes, it can mitigate some damage and protect against humidity and rodents.

Pack Effectively

When it comes to humidity sensitive storage at StorHub, knowing how to pack effectively is time consuming, but also incredibly essential. Without antique storage boxes, and when using airtight locking storage bins, you’ll want to identify your sensitive items as priority packing.

Before you begin, double check all of your items to ensure that all items are clean, dry, dust free and contain no moisture (even from cleaning fluids).

Be sure to wrap all items with acid free packing paper, as bubblewrap tends to trap moisture. Don’t be afraid to line the inside of your bins with cat litter, charcoal or desiccant packs to absorb moisture and prevent bacteria or mold growth. If you have vacuum seal bags, now is the time to use them for clothing, pillows, blankets and more (keep in mind that these items will wrinkle!).

Finally, utilise shelves for easily damageable items, and stack heavier boxes that do not contain moisture sensitive items on the ground.

Utilise Shelves

Using shelves for humidity sensitive storage at StorHub is essential. Keeping items off the ground not only frees up space but also provides protection from excess humidity, water damage, pests and other factors that may damage your belongings.

Use Desiccants, Dehumidifiers & Dry Boxes

When purchasing shoes or receiving certain packages, you may recall the small moisture absorbing packs that read ‘DO NOT EAT’ across the packaging. Some choose to save these packs, while most of us throw them away. Well, when it comes to preparing delicate items for storage, we all wish we had a few of those silica packets on hand.

Silica desiccants are the little miracles of the packing world. Cheap, accessible and small, these packets can be easily slipped into storage bins and units to absorb moisture and protect your storage.

More expensive options that provide additional protection include dehumidifiers, which effectively trap and store the moisture from the air in an internal tank, and dry boxes, which act as a climate controlled safe for electronics, documents and more.

Even with these tips, be sure to routinely check your items to ensure that no mould has settled in and that your belongings remain intact.

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