Aaron - A Fervent Cyclist

Issue: Mar 2016

Aaron - A Fervent Cyclist

Sports play a role in our lives to varying extents. Some of us love them, and some of us don’t. In most cases, sports wind up as little hobbies for us to de-stress or keep fit, but for some, they blossom into all-encompassing lifestyles instead.


For Aaron, cycling was a passion discovered from a very young age – so much that it has since become a way of living. That’s why it’s no surprise that he used his hard-earned money saved from part-timing at a fast food restaurant to buy his first bicycle in Secondary 2, which is one that still stays close to his heart today. At the tender age of 14, Aaron’s love for cycling was already more than just bells plastered with “I Love My Bike” stickers.

As we grow up, the need for pragmatism starts changing our lifestyles. Some end up leaving their passions as distant memories, while some simply devote less time to them. But for Aaron, who is self-employed, cycling still remains a big part of his life. He cycles twice a week, for an hour each time.

“It’s never difficult to spend time on your passion if you exercise proper time management,” Aaron said cheerfully, “If you love something, you will find the time to go for it.

The only minor downside to Aaron’s passion? Bicycles can’t be conveniently stowed away like toys. Consider the evidence – Aaron’s living room is teeming with bicycle racks, repair stands, bicycles, and an assortment of tools. Take a step into Aaron’s place, and you’d wonder for a moment if you’d somehow stepped into a bicycle shop by mistake.

“I may need to shift some of my stuff into my master bedroom, but even then, space is still a big problem in my humble abode. We don’t have that kind of luxury,” Aaron said.

Upon hearing that StorHub had a variety of storage solutions catering to the different needs of their customers, Aaron’s interest was piqued. 

“I’ll need the affordable storage space outside home to put my barang barang and bicycle equipment to free up space in my living room. With so many things back home, it can pose as a safety hazard if, say, there is a fire. I intend to only keep my foldable bicycles at home because they can be easily stowed away.”


That’s not to say Aaron will be putting the brakes on his passion for good anytime soon – he’s simply safekeeping them for future grand plans to bring his cycling adventures to greater heights. For him, cycling is as much a part of him as other things in his daily life. Creating space to compartmentalise his love for cycling only means that he has a bigger capacity to live his dreams.

“I hope to cycle across Tibet, or at least part of the Silk Road, and do some volunteer work there to help children. That would make me very happy,” Aaron shares wistfully.

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