Air-Conditioned Storage: What Is It And Do I Really Need It?

Issue: Jul 2020

Air-Conditioned Storage: What Is It And Do I Really Need It?

Collectibles, childhood musical instruments and thick winter coats are just some prized possessions that most of us hold dear. And while these goods mean the world to us, some of them may stay in a better condition when stored in an air-conditioned storage space.

What is Air-Conditioned Storage?

Air-conditioning helps to maintain a cool, consistent environment at all times. This reduces interactions with moisture that can deteriorate the condition of your belongings over time.

Regardless of the size of the air-conditioned storage unit you go with, it will be sealed and therefore, your items will be less susceptible to biological contaminants, such as dust mites and mildew. Furthermore, as air-conditioned storage units constantly circulate the air, it allows for improved quality of air and the air will remain fresh, thus giving more room for your items to breathe which makes them better protected from dust and debris.

Air-conditioned storage spaces vs regular self storage units: What’s the difference?

Air-Conditioned Storage vs Conventional Forms of Storage

At higher temperatures, air tends to hold more vapour. Air-conditioned storage helps to minimise moisture from forming. Too much moisture in the air causes the air to hold more heat as well, potentially causing your items to warp, crack, or in worst cases, rot.

Air-conditioned self storage units have lower temperatures that can potentially provide a protective barrier for your items by keeping them in an environment with cleaner and fresher air. Of course, if your collection contains items that are made of more durable materials and don’t generally give way easily as a result of exposure to moisture, regular storage units can suit your needs just fine as well.

Air-conditioned storage units and what items are suited for it?

Understanding when it works best

From bicycles with leather seats to your favourite guitar, there are certain belongings that may benefit more with air-conditioned storage spaces where dust and debris are kept to a minimum.

If your belongings are made of paper, they’re more prone to paper rot when they come in contact with biological contaminants for a prolonged period of time. Storing clothing and fabric in an air-conditioned environment where moisture in the air is minimal may help to minimise growth of mould, mildew and fungal. Items made using wooden materials like some furniture and musical instruments are mostly glued together. Singapore’s humid weather can do more harm than good to wooden materials by causing them to contract, rot, crack or warp.

Lastly, air-conditioned storage spaces also give you the maximum level of comfort when you drop by to store and retrieve your items, especially in Singapore’s humid weather.

Regular and Air-conditioned storage units - Fuss free self storage solutions at StorHub

Fuss-free storage solutions

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