Best Pre-Travel Checklist For Every Singaporean

Issue: Aug 2019

Best Pre-Travel Checklist For Every Singaporean

It’s about that time in Singapore when the weather is about to change. We will likely experience heavy rain that will last for longer than other times of the year and the humidity is about to get unbearably high. It is just the perfect time to plan a long trip if only to escape the Sumatra squalls. But, for you to have a successful trip, you’ll need to plan well ahead of time and develop an elaborate pre-travel checklist to help with your travel preparation. But what does a well thought-out travel checklist entail? Well, here are the 3 steps to create a practical pre-travel checklist. Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1: Travel Preparation

The most important thing when it comes to travel preparation is to know as much as possible about where you are headed. And if you haven’t picked out a destination yet, you may want to start there.

The research stage comes next. You must get verified and trustworthy information about your destination from reliable sources to help you plan your trip effectively. During your research, try and get information on the following:

  • Necessary documentation, if any required – Visa, currency, and payment options accepted at your destination, etc.
  • Accommodations available – Hotels, lodge-ins, cabins, etc.
  • Recommended mode of transport to your destination – By flight, ferry, car, etc.
  • Expected weather conditions during your period of visiting – Summer, spring, winter, etc.
  • Key phrases in the local language – Basic greetings, how to ask questions, etc.
  • Tours available, if interested in any – Group tours, budget tour packages, etc.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can then curate a detailed plan for your trip that well suits your itinerary.

I. Set up a budget for your trip

How much money can you afford to spend on your vacation? Take note of all the important and fixed expenses such as estimated flight ticket costs, insuarance, accommodation cost, food and sightseeing expenses.

II. Apply for any necessary documentation

Whatever documentation you may need, start the application process as early as possible since the process often tends to take time. Once you have all necessary documentation, ensure you make their copies, scan and save them. In the unfortunate case, you lose your original documentation during your trip, the copies will make the replacement process much more manageable.

III. Book your accommodation in advance

The earlier you book your accommodation, the cheaper it will be, especially if you are visiting your destination during its peak season for tourists.

IV. Book the tickets in good time

At least three months before your intended travel date, you should be on the lookout for affordable flight or bus tickets for booking to your destination.

V. Acquire the right credit and debit cards

Bank transactions in a foreign land may come with significant transaction fees. To avoid this, you can find debit cards that offer low-to-no ATM fees at your vacation destination.

travel suitcase

Step 2: Effective Packing

After you have planned your vacation, fill in your planning checklist, and everything has fallen into place, the next hurdle to tackle is packing. It can be a nightmare deciding what to carry with you for your trip and what to leave behind. The 3 tips below will help you with that.

I. Create a travel checklist for packing

Create a packing list a lot earlier before the week of your travel date. Why? Because you will have less stress from your anticipated trip and it will be easier to determine the items that are a must carry and those that aren’t. When the time comes, review this list to ensure you have packed everything you need. If you are taking a flight to your destination, make sure that you are within the weight limit, taking into consideration all the shopping and souvenirs you will have to carry home as well, as hefty excess baggage charges will apply.

II. Select your clothes based on the weather conditions of your destination

What will the weather be like? Which outfits in your closet will be most suitable and comfortable for that particular weather? Knowing the answers to those questions will make choosing a lot easier!

III. Packing your clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a packing hack that will help you maximize the space in your suitcase. Using vacuum bags also saves tonnes of space and weight and makes travel bags neater. This provides you with a lot more space to pack other essential items while maintaining lean luggage.

House Cleaning

Step 3: Home Organization

Finally, you are ready to travel and get on with your trip. But before you do, there is one last thing you need to address.

Going on vacation means you will be away for a good amount of time. Therefore, you need to ensure that you leave your items, especially those that are precious to you, in a storage space that will keep them safe and in good condition until you return home. And yes, we have tips that will make pre-travel home organization easy and efficient.

I. Keeping your items dust free

Ever return home from a stunning vacation only to find your floors and bedsheets covered in a layer of dust that makes you sneeze immediately and incessantly? Use sheets to cover the bed and sofa and keep items like hair brushes and books away in the cupboard to prevent dust build-up. If a friend of family member is so kind to give your floors a quick mop before you return, do allow them to. Otherwise, a quick clean is necessary to get your living space spic and span again.

II. Keep windows slightly ajar

Due to the high humidity in Singapore, how do you ensure your clothes and furniture remain mould free and in good condition until you return? If you have windows that can be left ajar without compromising security or ones that rain won’t enter from, this will undoubtedly allow some airflow through the premises while you are away. If you have neighbours or family who are allowed to access your home, ask them to leave the doors and windows open for a short time to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. This reduces the chance of mould build-up on your furniture, ceiling and even inside cupboards.

idea of organizing home items before vacation

III. Self storage space units

If you want to go for your vacation and have absolutely no worries over the storage of your precious items such as artwork, musical instruments, photos, and valuable books, you can rent out a self storage unit, a practical and humidity-proof solution to store your most precious pieces. Storage units are safe, reliable, and one of the easiest ways to organize and store your valuable home items while you go on vacation. Especially if you rent out a storage unit from a trustworthy brand such as StorHub, here in Singapore.

StorHub Self Storage offers flexible and affordable rental rates for self storage units that can work in your favour when it comes to storing items when you’re going on vacation. With a staff geared at finding the perfect self storage solution for your items, you can rest assured that the storage process will be easy, efficient and secure, allowing you get on your trip with no time to waste. A self storage unit is the perfect solution for storing items while you’re on vacation.

Contact StorHub today for more information on the specially curated solutions available that will best suit your needs.

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