Bye Bye, Bulky Business Records!

Issue: Jul 2017

Bye Bye, Bulky Business Records!

It can be said that a business is only as good as its management. And an important part of management is administration. While that may conjure up images of mundane paperwork, records are actually the lifeline of any organisation. On one hand, there are customer records that are essential to your top-line performance and, on the other, there are book-keeping and financial records that companies are required to maintain for at least seven years. That’s a lot of files and a lot of expensive storage space at the office dedicated to housing them.

StorHub, as Singapore’s first and largest self storage operator, is here to help! It has recently introduced StorED, a record management service designed to help businesses with their bulky record storage challenges in four different ways.  

If paper is a hard habit to kick, StorED offers Record Storage. All you need to do is to pack up your physical records, make a call and the boxes will be collected from your doorstep and sent to StorHub’s secure self storage facility. When you need to retrieve any of the records, the boxes will be promptly returned to your office.

For businesses ready to embrace digital records but wary of the time and cost involved in converting mountains of paper records, StorED’s Record Digitisation is an easy, efficient solution. Your records will be scanned, saved and returned to you in a portable hard disk for your safekeeping. These digital records are Evidence Act certified, which means that they can serve as legally recognised documents.

Those concerned about misplacing a portable hard disk filled with important documents can consider StorED’s Intelligent Record Management instead. After records are digitised, they are stored in a highly secure cloud service — Singapore’s Web Service (AWS) data centre, which is suited for even the most confidential of documents, and allows retrieval anywhere, anytime.

At the end of the document lifecycle, StorED’s Secure Destruction ensures that your records are safely destroyed in compliance with local rules and regulations. You’ll also receive a destruction certification as assurance of the process.

With Singapore’s big push to become the world’s first Smart Nation and the new ‘SMEs Go Digital’ programme to help small-and-medium-sized enterprises leverage digital technology for long-term success, isn’t it time you found a more cost- and space-efficient way of dealing with endless stacks of records too?

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