Collecting travel souvenirs from your holidays for keepsakes

Issue: May 2023

Collecting travel souvenirs from your holidays for keepsakes

Keeping a special piece from your travels

As travel restrictions loosen and the world begins to open up, it is a great time to be travelling, with endless opportunities to explore different countries, meet new people, and create lasting memories.

It is natural to want to treat ourselves during vacations after a period of limited travel and shopping and indulging can be seen as positive way to celebrate the newly reclaimed freedom and opportunities to travel the world.

This is especially true if you are collecting travel mementos from your holidays as keepsakes. A travel souvenir, whether it be a t-shirt, postcard, piece of home décor, or handicraft, is incredibly special because it captures the moment in time that the item was purchased and the country it was in, which is an experience that cannot be relived again. It essentially brings time to a standstill, allowing you to remember your adventures and bring a part of your vacation home.

Read on to get some ideas on what souvenirs to purchase during your holidays and where you can store them if you have indulged yourself and want to make room for new goodies.

What are some keepsakes I can bring back from my holidays?

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Local handicrafts

Locally handcrafted souvenirs are a great way to relive your vacation experience. When travelling, you can easily find handmade goods at local shops nearby that sell regional handicrafts. These one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted trinkets can be anything including ornaments, key chains, jewellery and pottery. In addition to paying for the artisans' hard work that went into creating the souvenirs, you are purchasing items that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

Above all, buying locally made items allows you to engage with the locals and support sustainable tourism. Chatting with them about their working conditions, tools, and way of life can help you gain valuable insights into the artisans’ culture.

Kitchen accessories

A unique yet useful memento you can consider bringing home is a kitchen accessory to spruce up your setup. There are many different kinds of collectible kitchen utensils, including porcelain plates, serving sets, tea cup sets, coffee mugs, and wine bottle stoppers. Not only does it give your kitchen a touch of individuality, it also functions as a tangible reminder of your trip as you whip up a storm in your kitchen. A kitchen accessory can be bought not just for your own use but also as a lovely thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Home decorations

Another fantastic travel gift idea is a home decor item. Home furnishings include figurines, paintings and flower vases. As they differ from what you can find locally, home decoration pieces from other countries provides your living space with a special touch. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, these decorations can serve as a reminder, bringing back fond memories of your vacation. With each item having a unique backstory, it also serves as conversation starters with guests or just as a point of reminiscence with your loved ones.

How StorHub can support your knack for collecting travel souvenirs

Don’t worry if you are concerned that your house may become too crowded due to collecting travel souvenirs. With StorHub Lifestyle storage solutions, you can store your collection of memorable items safely, where you can keep a few items for your home while having access to the rest of your collection whenever you want it. For peace of mind, there is also a smart entry system that only allows sharing of real-time access with authorised personnel.

As well as being a place for you to safely keep your precious collection of travel mementos, StorHub offers self storage for business owners to house documents and inventory and residents for their personal possessions and everyday items. The next time you are searching for a dependable and secure self storage facility, keep in mind that StorHub is here to meet all of your storage needs!

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