Decorate Your Bedroom With These Unique Table Lamps

Issue: Oct 2019

Decorate Your Bedroom With These Unique Table Lamps

A room is a blank canvas. A place for you to decorate and flavour with your unique style. A bedroom needs to be functional, meaning that it’s well-equipped for its purpose, but it also needs to be pleasing to the eye. We naturally want to spend more time in aesthetically-pleasing places. These are well-designed spaces that have unique finishing touches which make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

When it comes to interior design, lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. And before we choose what style of lighting we want, we have to first consider the needs of the space. We need to see how much light the room naturally gets, and what types of lighting we’ll need, (for example, floor lamps, table lamps, or overhead light fixtures). Only then can we ideate and choose a table lamp decoration that perfectly suits the lighting theme of our room.

The vintage decorating style is the ideal way to bring the charm of yesteryear into the modern-day. From soft, embroidered finishes to classic retro designs this style is charming, elegant, and guaranteed to have that cosy feel. Vintage table lamps are beautiful and functional table lamp decoration ideas for your room; pleasing to look at while providing you with ample light for your needs.

Here are 5 unique and antique-style table lamp decoration ideas:

Silver Table Lamp Beside Opened B

1. Traditional Banker’s Lamp

If you’ve watched a few old movies, you are sure to have seen an unusual looking lamp like this. This is a conventional bankers lamp, and it’s ideal for bringing the old-school charm to any space. If you love the beauty of classic mid-century design and are looking for the perfect finishing touch – these lamps would be high on the list for you!

Green Banker Lights

The surface is a smooth emerald green glass, and the finish is all brass, with a pull-string attached to turn it on quickly. One of the unique features of these lamps is that some models can rotate up to 350 degrees which makes this a flexible lighting option as you can adjust the direction of the light based on where you want it focussed. A classic bankers lamp is the ideal lighting solution for a professional-looking desk and reflects that the owner has excellent taste in furnishings. They would also look stylish in the bedroom, where they would provide ample light for reading.

Black Book Beside Table Lamp

2. Vintage Brass Desk Lamp

If you want a vintage-style look for your home, it’s essential to consider the materials you choose. For example, plastic decorations would look entirely out of place with a theme like this. It’s better to look for furnishings and embellishments made from materials such as glass, wood, or brass.

A brass table lamp, with it’s simple, yet the decorative design is ideal for adding light to dimly lit corners. It also works well as either a desk lamp or bedside lamp. It’s practical and elegant – everything a vintage-design lamp should be! Antique brass lamps also have the added benefit of being more sturdy than most plastic lamps and are not as fragile as glass lamps, giving you that added peace of mind.

empty glass bottle in hand

3. Vintage Clear Crystal Bead Lamp

For a vintage look with a feminine flair, you can’t go wrong with a crystal bead lamp. The clear beads soften the light, allowing the lamp to emit a soft, pleasing glow which will add a warm ambience to your dresser, coffee table, bookshelf, or nightstand.

vintage crystal lamp

This type of lamp is also suitable as an accent piece, either to light up a dark corner or as a conversation piece. You can even choose to add a colourful lightbulb to make it unique! This style of lamp is well suited to homes or rooms with a mid-century or traditional decorating style, but it also works well with a minimalist aesthetic.

vintage industrial lamp

4. Vintage Industrial-Style Lamp

The industrial-vintage look relies heavily upon exposed elements and stark design principles. This is a masculine style, well suited to areas like studies, offices, and libraries. While the lines and textures of this look can be harsh, it’s easy to soften the room effectively using the right type of lighting. In this case, industrial style table lamps, usually made from wood and metal with an exposed bulb can add a comforting glow. These types of lamps are sturdy, but still portable enough to move around, making them ideal for any home.

Brown Pendant Lamp Turn on

5. Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Lamp

A stained glass lamp will add elegance to any bedroom, living room or coffee table. These Tiffany-style lamps bathe the surrounding area in a soft glow, perfect for adding that cosy feeling to any room. Dark, rainy days can make us feel sad, which is why it’s so important to have the right lighting in our homes. These colourful Tiffany-style lamps are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also able to transform even the dullest space into a snug relaxing area of the home. This style of vintage lamp is well-suited for book-lovers, as it suits the library-style aesthetic. And the good news is that, unlike your massive book collection, this lamp won’t take up that much space!

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