Hakim - A Marvel Fan's Story

Issue: Dec 2015

Hakim - A Marvel Fan's Story

As illustrators and geeks often come along, their lives are intertwined with whimsical inspiration from their childhood and the broadened realities of being an adult. For Hakim Othman, a third-year Communication Design student at the Glasglow School of Art, his childhood escapism has provided him with real building blocks for his education and work.


Hakim immerses himself in the fantastical storytelling of comic books, the vibrant problem-solving play of video games and the complexity behind alternative music for his art. Before even considering going to art school, Hakim designed a logo for The Ride Etiquette, an art exhibition on public transport as a casual project on the side. Little did he know that his artwork would be so well-received that he would become the subject of a prominent Berita Harian feature.

But do illustrators face a lack of space in their daily lives?

“Kind of. I usually store all my creative materials in my room underneath my desks and under my couch. To be honest, space management does become an issue and during the crazy project days, I have tripped on my art materials by accident.”

Hakim refers to his collection of posters, toys and game consoles on top of his acquisition of art materials like acrylic paint, spray cans, paper, wood and various cutter knives. The life of an art student often comprises of an unending buildup of scrap materials and creative mock ups – bulky possessions that have little use after the deadlines have passed, but hold too much blood, sweat and tears to simply be disposed of.

Upon hearing that StorHub is open 24 hours a day, Hakim was surprised.

“I can have a neat room without the clutter! It’s pretty cool that StorHub opens 24 hours, so me being a bit of a night bird myself, can go over in the night if I need something urgently.”


When we asked about how space would change the way he lived out his passions in leisure and in school, Hakim’s face brightened with a smile. He told us about how balancing school, work and his personal art projects have been challenging, and that space played a more crucial part in his time and organization that he had previously anticipated.

For Hakim, he works best in his creative element when he’s in an uncluttered space. Freeing up physical space in his environment allows for him to think clearer and have more room to dream up fresher, more creative ideas.

It’s always funny the way space works – physical space can translate into an environment that affects your mood, creativity and overall comfort. In this case, creating space gives way to room for more imaginative creations for Hakim. 

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