Hybrid Work: When Home Becomes Office

Issue: Oct 2022

Hybrid Work: When Home Becomes Office

What is a hybrid work arrangement?

Throughout the course of the last 2 years, some companies have changed their way of working to adopt a hybrid work arrangement. This is a flexible work model that supports workers having a blend of in-office and remote working conditions. This allows employees to split their time between working in the office and at home.

How having extra storage space can help with working from home

For Employees

The extra storage space allows you to create a dedicated area in your very own home for the perfect workspace. This is especially true in Singapore if you have decided to spend more time working from home, you may encounter not having enough space and struggling to create your own work zone. By putting things you seldom use into a storage space, you will be able to better organise your home office, resulting in more space for you to have a conducive work environment. Particularly if you are staying in a rental flat or rented room with space constraints, one way to make hybrid arrangement work is to use a separate storage space.

Reorganise your home to create that extra space for your home office

Not everyone has the luxury of space to tuck away their belongings to make a home office. If you are living with a big family, one way to create more space is to declutter your home. Give away unwanted furniture or donate things that you are not using any more. Make it a family bonding activity! Set a time for everyone to help out in cleaning out the house, allocate family members tasks, and make it a friendly competition on whose area is the tidiest at the end of the activity.

After decluttering, you might find bulky items or items that you rarely use in your home. Consider keeping them in a self storage facility like StorHub in Singapore. By storing these items away, you will have the benefit of having a more practical space at home for you to work, yet still keeping your items in possession. These self storage facilities act as an extension to your home where you can store your items and retrieve them anytime, as you will have 24/7 secure access to StorHub self storage space.

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Designated workspace

After storing away furniture that you seldom use, it's time to create a designated workspace for a dedicated work-from home experience. Ideally, this should be a zone in your home that is solely for you to work. Even if you don’t have enough space, you can find a spot in your living room for work. Having a designated workspace will help you compartmentalise your activities and thoughts to set boundaries between work and rest.

For Employers

Running a company from home and office? With less employees coming to the office every week, you might find extra furniture in the office that are underutilised. This is a good chance for you to consider putting away extra desks and chairs in a temporary storage space. Since the hybrid work arrangement is flexible, you might need extra furniture when you decide to rent a new place and meet changes in the future.

Disassemble your furniture before storing them away

Furniture exists in many shapes and sizes, and this may be troublesome when you want to transport them or store them away. One good way to counter this would be to disassemble your furniture so it is easier for you to organise, pack and store your furniture. Pack your chairs and tables into smaller pieces if possible, but remember not to lose any parts!

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How to prepare your furniture for storage?

Prepare your furniture for storage by wrapping and covering your furniture to protect them against dust and debris tarnishing furniture. This can prevent scratches and stains while you store your furniture. Remember to include extra protection for furniture with protruding pieces such as your tables and chairs to protect them from breakage during storage.

Remove any dust from your furniture by wiping it down with a soft and non-abrasive dry microfibre cloth. Microfibre clothes kill up to 99% of bacteria and clean up to 3 times better than ordinary cloth. Do this by gently patting your furniture and avoid pressing down on your furniture to prevent rubbing the dust particles onto your furniture delicate finishing. Ask storage space providers in Singapore for quotations so that you can find the right price for your budget and size requirements.

StorHub Business Self Storage

StorHub offers business storage in Singapore for you to hold your furniture while your company supports a work from home arrangement for your employees. We offer affordable storage services with a one-month free storage service after your first two months with us. With a “pay only what you use” approach to our self storage system, we only charge you for the space you occupy. Explore a wide range of services with various sizes and flexible storage terms for you to choose from. With a wide range of storage sizes ranging from 4 sq ft to 2000 sq ft, there will be a size available to fit all your storage needs.

Call us at 6337 2000 or get a quote now for storage space in Singapore and our friendly storage specialist will be in touch soon!

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