Radio interview with Love 97.2FM

Issue: May 2020

Radio interview with Love 97.2FM

As virtually all of us are now working from home or engaging in home-based learning, it is safe to say we are spending a tremendous amount of time being cooped up at home. With so many people living under one roof, more space is needed for us to move around freely and get things done around the house which is where self storage spaces come into play.

We are thrilled that Love 97.2FM gave us the opportunity to be interviewed by them to talk about how StorHub’s products and services can help to mitigate your space constraints during the current circuit breaker period. In the interview, we talked about the precautionary measures that we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers as well as our employees. Also discussed was how the different storage unit sizes we have available can be used for all kinds of items that you have cleared out of your place. Last but not least, we took everyone on a short tour around the self storage facility.

Click on the image below link to the recorded live interview on Love 97.2FM Facebook page.

StorHub on Love 97.2FM
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