Saving Space In A Small Home

Issue: Sep 2020

Saving Space In A Small Home

As the sizes of new homes shrink, it has become more important than ever to dedicate space for different purposes at home, to improve productivity and focus. Many of us have resorted to using our spare rooms as an additional storeroom when we run out of space to store our items at home. The key to making the most of spaces in a small home is to carve out dedicated spots for specific activities. These spaces can be categorised as personal, functional and creative. For instance, your bedroom would be considered a personal space while your workstation is a functional area of your home where you give your all when performing work tasks. A creative space could be your kitchen or a table. When there is clutter in any of these spaces, it makes it hard for us to stay composed while maintaining a positive mental state.

Another thing that requires storage space are your hobbies. They can make an already small home feel overcrowded and crammed. Ensuring clear demarcation and that children are following rules when using the dedicated space can prevent items from going missing, getting damaged or even accidents from happening.

Having clutter also means having to rummage through your pile of items and having a hard time finding what you need, which may lead to stress and anxiety. On top of that, the clutter is taking up space that can otherwise be used for various activities. Using the three different types of spaces mentioned earlier only for the purpose they’re intended for is crucial to our mental wellness. Without that, it’s likely that our productivity will be reduced and we will feel increasingly stressed out.

Start organising your home and treat reorganising and decluttering as family bonding time. You can put each family member in charge of a certain space to elevate the team spirit while each of you go through items for decluttering, disposing and donating. Once that is done and dusted, you will have created a space that can be put to good use with everyone reaping the benefit of the maximised space.

Even those living in larger homes face the same problem of running out of space since humans innately hoard what we’ve grown emotionally attached to. We have this tendency even when the item is not particularly useful since we are convinced that it will serve a purpose at a later date. One great way to organise your home is to section off different areas of your home and also divide your clutter into groups based on what items to throw out, donate and to be kept at a storage facility. Once you’ve turned it into smaller subtasks, you will find it a lot less daunting and more manageable to go about this organising exercise.

The thought of moving into a new home can bring about mixed feelings for new homeowners since it can be exciting and stressful at the same time. This is because it often comes with clutter and possibly delays in the renovation process. The newly bought items taking up space for an extended length of time can greatly heighten levels of stress. You can prevent that from happening by decluttering before the renovation work begins and having items stored away at a storage facility.

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