How to shop smart for that extra storage space

Issue: Sep 2017

How to shop smart for that extra storage space
Rohit Tandon

There are so many storage options in Singapore today and choosing the right kind of storage space for various purposes can be confusing. To enable you to make a sound decision, here are some tips on how to shop smart for that extra storage space.

Know what you are storing

When someone tells us they need storage space for a period of time, they would be asked in return, to give a rough list of the items they intend to store, such as, the number of boxes they have. If you are storing household furniture, check if bulky items are collapsible or can be dismantled and if the couch can be stored vertically instead of on its legs, as this arrangement saves a considerable amount of space. These details are important as it allows service staff to estimate the size of the storage space a customer requires more accurately, and also helps the customer make good savings in storage fees.

Know the different storage options

Today, more than 80% of consumers will pre-shop for goods and services online and this is made simple with dozens of ads right at your fingertips.

With your research, you’d know the different kinds of storage options – warehousing, pod storage, valet storage, cage storage, and the one that tops the list in personal, private storage is of course, self storage. Know the pros and cons of the various options. For example, if you need to retrieve items frequently, valet storage may not be the top choice or if you are storing private and confidential items, cage storage may just be too open.

Shop Around

Once you’ve zoomed in on self storage as the option you would be using, start letting your thumb do the walking. With about 27 operators in Singapore and most of them pitted against each other online, you’d be in awe with the choices you have. Customers can get quotations off the website or call in for them. Check online forums and reviews as these are written from the experience of past or existing users. And because these days, online reviews are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations, you would have to continue the process until you find one or two thumb stopper storage locations.

Compare and make a visit to those locations. This is important as you’ll get the chance to assess the facility and amenities that are important to you. If you are a salesperson who needs to make several trips to your storage space throughout the day and therefore prefers free parking, make sure that your chosen self storage facility offers this. Some operators entice customers with free Wi-fi, workspace and state-of-the-art hot beverage dispensers, but for those who require storage purely for goods, ditch the coffee machine if what you need is a no-frills operator. Of course, price is everyone’s concern, but beware of promotions! Some companies offer promotions and discounts that are incredibly irresistible but make sure that these apply to the entire duration that you are using the storage space and how flexible they are if you’re not sure how long you will store for.

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