Space-Savvy Family Made Room for Their New Hobbies

Issue: Sep 2020

Space-Savvy Family Made Room for Their New Hobbies

Our COO, Luigi, and his wife, Joyce, have graciously shared about how they manage to stay space-savvy while keeping their hobbies at their lovely home. Their leisure pursuits were greatly influenced by their kids since like many parents out there, their lives mainly revolve around the kids and their needs at home. For Luigi, teaching his daughter how to play the piano also sparked his interest in it over time. Another hobby that he picked up was long-distance road cycling because he wanted to experience cycling all over Singapore. In order for him dive into that, he had to get a brand-new bicycle and gear. As for Joyce, she feels that baking is a fun activity that allows her to bond with her kids while being able to stick to healthier ingredients by being in control of what she adds into her creations. Both Luigi and Joyce realised the need for additional storage space as they discovered all these new hobbies they’ve grown passionate about.

Kitchen Storage Space

Joyce eventually decided to start taking this hobby more seriously after some friends who got to taste her baked goods encouraged her to turn it into a local home baking business. After her business got featured by a media publisher and a magazine company in Singapore, it quickly took the country by storm and started flourishing with demand skyrocketing. That was also when she realised that she needed to set aside a designated storage space to keep the tools of her trade. With Luigi also working from home, the couple quickly saw the importance of finding a dedicated space for each activity at home since mixing work and play can be stressful and overwhelming. They knew that only when there’s a space carved out for a specific use can they be fully in the zone and the most productive whether it be engaging in a leisure activity or performing a work-related task. This will ultimately benefit the mental wellbeing of everyone living in the same household.

Storage Bed

Luigi recommends adding versatile furniture and multifunctional items like beds with storage compartments, mattresses that can be folded up and collapsible tables to maximise space around the home. He also suggests reorganising your home using the “declutter, donate, dispose” tactic. This way, you’ll end up with a tidy home after giving away and discarding what you no longer need. The final step is to simply keep the items you cherish but won’t be needing in the near future at a reliable and convenient storage facility.

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