Storage Solutions: How To Create More Space In Your Home & Office

Issue: Aug 2018

Storage Solutions: How To Create More Space In Your Home & Office

Real estate is a prized possession here in Singapore, where every inch of space is important. With our homes getting smaller, parking fees increasing, vertical farming becoming popular, and commercial rentals soaring, it only makes sense to revisit our storage options to discover how to create more storage space.

Businesses of any size and shape should not pay for storage space they don’t need or use often. Hence, optimising your storage space is the way to go. Lower your business operating costs and tidy the workspace to drive productivity by diverting all your efforts into what’s core to business.

The same goes for homes. Decluttering doesn’t always mean discarding, instead it can be a smart way of storing things. It’s really time to rethink storage solutions. Let’s look at these few ways to solve our modern-day storage issues.

Let’s begin with smart ways to store at home:

  • Compartmentalise: Be it toys, stationery, cutlery, or even clothes, compartmentalising helps you locate things easily. Also organise based on what’s used most to least on a daily basis. Vertical stacking works well and also saves space at home.
  • Furniture with in-built storage (multi-purpose furniture): Sofa-cum-bed, or bookshelf-cum-study table, 2-in-1 furniture-cum-storage is most effective when you have space constraints. Modern living is all about making smart choices and that includes selecting the most efficient piece of furniture for your home.
  • Discard for good: Spring cleaning has an important role to play in our lives. Keep discarding old items or even better, donate things that you don’t use anymore. This is key in freeing up your storage spaces.

Some ideas for businesses to make storage a simple affair:

  • Digitalise: Documents, records, and office files can take up a lot of space over the years. In this digital age, most documents may be digitalised on external hard drives which are secure and can be easily done by yourself or reputable companies.
  • Smart shelving: With endless choices of smart shelving options today, businesses can now choose to install tall shelves with a movable ladder system for easy access to the higher shelves. These are particularly handy when you need to keep merchandise or documents are that used daily within arm’s reach.

Lastly, one of most reliable options today is probably outsourcing. Yes, that’s right! Taking everything that needs to go into storage to an offsite storage facility is a great solution!

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Peace of mind: When your entire inventory is in the hands of professionals, all you need is to do is pay for these services and the rest is taken care of. There you have it, peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility to upsize or downsize storage space depending on peak and off-peak business cycles are offered by most vendors today.

Things to consider when looking for storage solutions:

  • Storage space should be secure
  • Catered to all sizes and budgets
  • Located near your home or office
  • Preferably accessible even after regular work hours
  • Includes an insurance plan that covers any possible damage of items in storage

What do you really need at the end of the day? Bang for the buck and peace of mind. Following the tips above and choosing a good storage solution service can offer just that.

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