StorHub self storage shares time saving tips

Issue: Aug 2021

StorHub self storage shares time saving tips

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are better at establishing and sticking to a timeline for completing tasks, here are time-saving habits that, Nathalie Picaud, a professional organiser, recommends that you develop so that you can be on a roll no matter what you do.

Don’t just make a mental note of your to-dos

Having a good memory may be a blessing, but try to make a point of writing down upcoming events and tasks that you have yet to complete. This is to prevent you from having too much on your mind, so that you can attend to the most urgent matters at hand and focus on what needs to be done.

Make checking your schedule a breeze by either having a notebook or an app to help you stay on track of all your commitments, be it professional or personal. This way, you can skim through your to-do list to ascertain if you’re on top of things and on schedule to finish things up. As you refer to your schedule, if you realise you’re falling behind, you can quickly make arrangements to better manage your time and get back on track.

Put tasks of a similar nature into categories

Sort your tasks so that those of a similar nature are done all at once, then set aside time to get them done. This systematic way of doing things can be applied to both work and personal matters. For instance, when it comes to your personal life, you could make time to walk your dog, pay your electricity and internet bills, or buy groceries, all in the span of an hour or so. If you run your own business, you could find time to do bank reconciliation and stock-take to ensure all is in order.

Plan ahead

Get into the habit of preparing yourself for the following day towards the end of each day. Check your schedule to see what’s happening on the next day and decide if you can complete your task within the given time or if any item needs to be removed or postponed. To go about your day with vigour, you can even pick your outfit the day before and pack your bag so that the things you need to bring along with you won’t slip your mind if you happen to run late.

Set aside a dedicated storage space for nonessentials

As soon as you find something that you do not have a use for anymore, put it to one side with other items that you no longer need. This ensures that the shelf or cupboard that you regularly reach into only contains frequently used things. Over time, the dedicated storage space for nonessentials will be filled up. You can then proceed to get rid of those things by recycling, selling, donating or disposing.

Ensure your possessions have a designated storage area

There’s no need to look high and low for your belongings if you have a designated spot where you keep them. For instance, if you have functional home décor pieces like a chic tray, you can keep items that you typically carry along with you when you’re out and about inside it. These could include your house and car keys, earphones and wallet. This way, you will not freak out or end up rummaging through drawers looking for the things you need just before you rush out the door when you’re running late since all your items are kept in one place.

StorHub self storage is one call away

Now that you’re an expert at staying organised and saving time, you’re surely able to set aside time to declutter your home and store away what you don’t need for the time being but can’t bear to let go of with StorHub self storage. Contact us at 6337 2000 so that our friendly storage specialists can assist you with your storage needs!

Credit: Nathalie Picaud, Professional Organiser from Get Organised and Beyond

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