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Issue: Mar 2017

The Lifestyle Link

For many people, self service storage is a great way of decluttering their living spaces and to make room for items they frequently reach for. For others, however, it’s a way to enjoy the lifestyle they desire.

Professional barista and cycling enthusiast Huang Jian Min explains: “I’ve been sharing a self storage unit at StorHub Changi with my buddy Khamil for over two years now. We use it to store our bicycles because we enjoy riding in the east but live in the west.”

Because the duo rides very regularly — three to four times a week — transporting their bicycles halfway across the island each time was a pain point that got in the way of their favourite activity. Determined to resolve the issue, they started searching the east for a good self service storage facility, chanced upon StorHub Changi and immediately loved what they found.

“It’s really convenient. Thanks to StorHub, we can just drive to the facility, park our cars there, collect our bikes and ride for as long as we like,” said Jian Min, who also appreciates how StorHub Changi has a free onsite car park for storers.

“Because the facility is open 24 hours, it doesn't matter whether we ride until two in the morning on weekday nights, or start as early as 6am on Sunday mornings,” he points out. This makes all the difference to Jian Min and Khamil because of their schedules.

“Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we ride in the evening after work. On Sundays, we like to do a round-island trip, so we usually get started pretty early in the morning.”


For Jian Min, biometric access to his storage unit is another plus, as it’s both safe and convenient — he never has to worry about forgetting his key.

When asked whether he intends to continue with StorHub Self Storage, Jian Min’s answer is a resounding yes.

“We’ve gotten very comfortable with StorHub over the years. Because we visit the facility so frequently, we are quite familiar with the staff and they are very friendly. I intend to keep riding for now, so StorHub will continue to be an important part of my lifestyle,” he shared.

In fact, with StorHub taking care of the logistics for them, Jian Min and Khamil have had the freedom and peace of mind to focus on their favourite sport. Over the past two years, they have befriended many other fellow enthusiasts and now ride in a group that can range from eight to 40 cyclists! They even organise cycling trips overseas.

How can I care for my self storage unit?

“I think everyone has to deal with some level of stress. Exercise is a great way to de-stress and keep fit and healthy. Cycling does that for me. I’m pleased by how StorHub Changi supports my lifestyle choice and makes it so convenient for me to do what I love regularly.”

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