When space-saving experts come together

Issue: May 2022

When space-saving experts come together

With the pandemic changing the way we live, work and play, many of us may need some extra help in finding storage solutions – even those who are already knowledgeable about using space efficiently.

This is especially true for small, home-based businesses like PAPERplain Market. Founded by Dylan Eng and Fiona Foo, this local, home-grown company specialises in foldable paper furniture. It is a passion project that combines Dylan’s love for innovative design and engineering expertise, together with Fiona’s business management skills.

Dylan and Fiona believe that the best luxury is the comfort of home, which is why they aim to deliver functional and artistic home and living products. PAPERplain Market’s furniture can fold down into the size of a dictionary, which is perfect for homes of all sizes. Their innovative furniture design also features a honeycomb structure, making their stools and benches sturdy enough to take the weight of adults!

While Dylan and Fiona feel that they are fortunate to be able to pursue their passions, the journey has not always been smooth-sailing. Shortly after PAPERplain Market launched at the end of 2019, the pandemic began, leaving the two co-founders without a dedicated space or events to showcase their products.

Nevertheless, the experience has allowed this pair of co-founders to learn a lot along the way. Like many other resilient and resourceful businesses, Dylan and Fiona have stepped up to pivot to an online, home-based model – which also means that StorHub Lifestyle storage solutions perfectly meet their needs.

StorHub Lifestyle’s 24/7 access makes it easier for Dylan and Fiona to meet invited customers to showcase their products, as they juggle their full-time careers. The digital locks also make it easier for either one of this two-person team to access their storage unit.

These co-founders also love how StorHub has helped them with their shelving and packing needs, by providing friendly and thoughtful services. With the help of dedicated storage specialists, they have created the perfect space for storing and displaying their wares.

PAPERplain Market

As these co-founders make plans for PAPERplain Market’s future, Dylan and Fiona have found a lot in common with StorHub. They identify very strongly with the goal of helping customers to achieve their dream home, by using space efficiently. They have also realised the importance of staying adaptable and responsive – just as StorHub aims to provide storage solutions for rapidly evolving business and personal needs, with StorHub Lifestyle being the latest addition to our range of services.

Dylan and Fiona are eagerly anticipating the growth of their business with their newfound storage space, with StorHub as a trusted partner to assist them with their changing storage needs, with the flexibility to scale up and down accordingly to their inventories.

Listening to our customers’ stories helps us to understand their evolving lifestyle needs, and to grow alongside them as we expand our range of services. Contact our friendly and professional storage specialists at 6337 2000 to discover more about StorHub’s reliable storage solutions or visit https://www.storhub.com.sg for more information today.

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