3 Simple Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Kids

Issue: Feb 2019

3 Simple Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Kids

Cleaning is an important tradition that is observed just before Chinese New Year. It is believed that scrubbing down and decluttering every corner of the house will get rid of all the bad luck accumulated over the past year. With so much to be done, the period right before the holiday is truly a hectic one. Why not increase the number of hands on deck and recruit the help of your kids? Read on for some techniques on getting them to willingly help out with the chores.

1. Set the stage for the Cleaning Olympics 2019

Children love games. If you are able to make one out of cleaning, they will be more than happy to start work even on the most monotonous of chores. The simplest way you can implement this is by creating a competition. Pit your kids either against each other or even against you as they attempt to score points by completing certain tasks.

For example, vacuuming a room nets one point, singling out old clothes that don’t fit anymore nets two points, wiping down the entire cabinet nets three points and so on. By initiating a simple contest, you will be able to motivate your kids to clean.

2. Show them the pot of gold at the end

On the topic of motivation, kids are easily driven by tangible rewards. Here’s an illustration; there’s a high chance that your little ones will not be convinced if you tell them that the purpose of cleaning their room is to help them find their toys easily in the future. However, the moment you hint at giving them ice cream for cleaning their rooms, they’ll get started immediately!

Over time, you should definitely slowly move away from this reward-driven framework but it’s always a good tool to keep at the back of your mind.

3. Teamwork makes the dream work

Another approach is to work together with them. By sharing a common goal and being with them every step of the way, they’ll find the experience an enjoyable one. Take a big project, like clearing out the storeroom, and break it down into simpler steps. For example, the oldest can be in-charge of laying out all the items in an orderly manner while youngest separates them into different categories.

Another upside to this method is that it will make cleaning the house a family bonding activity. As a golden rule, a family that cleans together sticks together! Don’t forget to ingrain the sense of accomplishment in your kid when the mission is complete, and the house is sparkling.

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