3 Ways to Enhance Your Stay Home Experience With Your Family

Issue: Aug 2021

3 Ways to Enhance Your Stay Home Experience With Your Family

The pandemic came as a surprise, and it isn’t an exaggeration to say your lifestyle has changed drastically overnight. Daily routines were overturned as new measures were established, and you’ve raced to adjust to new rhythms of life.

As we transition from the COVID-19 pandemic to an endemic, staying home has become the new normal and everything from working to shopping is now encouraged to be done from the comfort of your room. The biggest upside of all is the close proximity to your family members. But while there’s no longer a need to whip out your schedule to plan for family dinners or game nights, staying cooped up in a small space for a long period brings its own challenges. With that in mind, here are three ways you can enhance your stay home experience with your family!

1. Declutter Shared Spaces

Packing and decluttering

Though staying in the same house means more opportunities to spend time together, there are few areas family members can gather en masse. This makes large common spaces like the living room essential for family bonding! Be it trying to one-up each other in a game of monopoly or coming out victorious in Jenga, engaging in family activities require enough space to foster a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether your living room is overflowing with decorations or packed with souvenirs from past family trips, it’s always good to make time to sort through your various knickknacks. Getting rid of items you no longer need allows for a more spacious area for everyone to let loose!

Decluttering can also reveal what items in your home will benefit from an upgrade. If your everyday environment feels a little stale, replacing worn furniture might inject a sense of liveliness into your aged home. Not to mention how excited your parents or siblings will be when it comes to watching the National Day Parade on a vibrant 4K TV! Viewing the fireworks in person this year is still unlikely to happen, but you can nonetheless have an enjoyable experience with your family.

2. Tidy Up Old Keepsakes and Souvenirs

packing up old items

As you go about your days, there are inevitable moments you’ll find yourself sharing with others. Be it the family holiday to your dream destination or the birthday anniversaries of your parents or siblings, the souvenirs and gifts collected from those memorable events might be well-hidden somewhere unless you happen to chance upon them.

But you won’t have to go at it alone. One great way to enhance your stay home experience can be to rope your family into tidying up alongside you. That satisfying twang of nostalgia would be more exciting if everyone took a trip down memory lane together, because after all, nothing can be more fun than revisiting things you loved with the people you hold dear.

Once you’re done with the hard task of sorting, the question of what you might find quickly transforms into whether to keep them. This step of the tidying process is what everyone dreads. After all, you can’t place a price on sentimental mementos, and tossing them like garbage can feel like having your heart ripped into two.

With self storage, that no longer has to be a problem. Finding a space for your precious keepsakes is easy with StorHub and our 13 conveniently located facilities around Singapore. No matter if your items take up a small box or an entire room, StorHub has the right storage solutions for your needs. And if you find yourself missing an old souvenir, simply pay a visit to your secure storage unit that allows for 24/7 access!

3. Take Interest in Their Hobbies

There are many positives to have during your stay home experience, one of which is having more time to indulge in the things you enjoy! Working from home or home-based learning means less time spent commuting, and that translates to a fair bit of extra time. Those hours can be put towards engaging your interests, and that goes for your family members, too! With newfound time on everyone’s hands, why not learn more about each other?

Gardening as a hobby

If someone in your family likes collecting and building action figurines, you can scour the house and pack away clutter to make space for their figurine displays. Or if they love plants and enjoy a pair of green thumbs, you could take the initiative to help them repurpose messy shelves into a makeshift, miniature garden!

Don’t fret if your clean-ups result in a pile of gathered odds and ends you aren’t sure what to do with, but know you want to keep. When you sign up as a new customer with StorHub, we offer free storage and transportation for your first month! In addition, you can also purchase any packing materials you need like labelled boxes and bubble wrap to ensure maximum safety for your items.

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