3 Ways to Manage When Your Build-to-Order Flat is Delayed

Issue: Aug 2021

3 Ways to Manage When Your Build-to-Order Flat is Delayed

After over a year of pandemic, many of us have learned to live with it, and get around any inconveniences it causes, or simply learn to live without things like travel. But there are some things that are impossible to live without--a roof over your head, for instance.

One major effect of the pandemic has been a construction labour crunch that has caused serious delays to the construction of Build-To-Order (BTO) flats, whose completion dates have now been delayed from a few months to a year--and then there are still the delays in home renovation to factor in as well.

It can be frustrating to have these delays throw off your careful schedules and family planning. Here are some tips on how to manage the delay of your Build-To-Order (BTO) flat and minimise the disruption to your plans and your house moving!

1) Stay with Family

Live together with family

If you're a first-time homebuyer, perhaps a young couple just beginning life together, then you'll want to manage your expectations and mentally prepare yourself to stay with your family or in-laws for the time being.

Family is still the safest harbour for most Singaporeans, especially in such a situation. Of course, there is always the possibility of friction when parents and married children stay in such close proximity with different lifestyles, and even more so should a child be born before the BTO is completed, but this is certainly the first and lowest-cost (possibly even free) option available to you as you await the completion of your actual home.

Even for second-time buyers, this may well be an option for you too if your family is small (for example, if you just need one room), and your relatives have the necessary space!

2) Rent a place

Rent a place temporarily

Besides living with family, the other attractive option available to you is to rent a place. Whether you're a young couple who cannot, or don't wish to, live with parents or in-laws, or whether you're a second-time homebuyer who's already sold off your flat and was caught out in the cold by delays to your BTO or its renovation, renting is something you can explore, especially in the currently slow rental market traditionally fuelled by foreigners.

In such a climate, you're almost certain to find a space that suits your needs, and possibly at a very competitive price as well.

Besides traditional rental, if you're younger and up to try new things, there's also the new trend of co-living spaces, where groups and couples stay together in a common property, allowing them to both enjoy the privacy of their own rooms and also the chance to socialise with different but like-minded people in common spaces such as the shared kitchen.

As the cost of a property is shared among more people, co-living may well end up being cheaper than conventional rental. If you're up for a bit of adventure and broadening your horizons while waiting for your BTO and renovation to complete, why not try this?

3) Store your Furniture

Engage in storage space for rent

Ultimately though, the biggest logistical issue that arises from delayed BTOs can simply be summed up in one question: what do I do with my furniture?

Whether you rent or stay with family, odds are that you won't be able to move your furniture and possessions in with you, whether you're a prior homeowner with a life's worth of furniture, items, and decorations to cart around, or a first time home owner just beginning to accumulate the necessities that flesh out a home via Shopee, Taobao or any other online or offline shopping method.

Moving yourself is all very well, but what about these bulky items?

The solution is simple: find a storage space for rent, and store them up in a well-maintained and conveniently located self-storage warehouse like StorHub, that will keep them safe while allowing you secure and unlimited 24/7 access to what you've stored, in case you need anything along the way. With round-the-clock security and air-conditioned facilities, you can store your items at ease!

Delays? No Problem!

StorHub, your reliable and convenient storage provider

Having your flat and its renovation delayed may be a significant roadblock in your plans for happiness and peace of mind, but it's definitely manageable, and smooth sailing. As long as you have realistic expectations, have a contingency plan in place, and have StorHub as a partner, you won't have to worry about the logistics of delay. We're here for you, up to the day you take your keys, and beyond!

With our StorHub virtual size estimator at your fingertips, you can now determine the most suitable storage unit for your items even before you book a site visit at one of our 13 storage facilities in Singapore. Simply give us a call to get a quote from our friendly storage specialist now at 6337 2000 to start your self storage journey with StorHub today!

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