4 Steps for Picking the Right Storage Unit in Singapore

Issue: Mar 2020

4 Steps for Picking the Right Storage Unit in Singapore

Accumulating personal belongings is easy, but letting go isn’t. Some people find it hard to give up or sell their personal belongings even when they stop using them. What do you do when you have a lot of items that you don't want to let go of? Or, what if you just want flexible self storage services for your business?

If you live or do business in a place like Singapore where it’s costly to rent large spaces to accommodate clutter or inventory, self storage units are a perfect solution. However, how do you pick the right storage unit in Singapore?

Here are a quick 4 steps guide on choosing self storage services in Singapore:

Step 1: Take inventory

To choose the best storage unit in a place like Singapore with numerous options, you must begin by finding out how much space you need. Most facilities will have varying storage sizes ranging from 16 sq. ft. to over 300 sq. ft. So, it’s up to you to take stock of what you want to store to avoid wasting money on space you don’t need.

When taking inventory, begin by considering everything you want to store. Determine the size, weight, and shape of all the items. Consider fragile items, those with awkward shapes that may require their own space and those that can be stacked on each other.

To know the exact amount of storage space needed, pack your belongings together and stack them like you would in a storage unit. Measure the resulting package to have an accurate estimate. Remember to use different boxes and containers when packing to get the most efficient way of storing without damaging anything.

Last but not least, you’ll need to consider your future storage needs. It’s not advisable to take exact spaces that leave no room for additional items in the future. Unless you are sure you won’t need to store anything else, it’s good to have a space allowance for future items.

Explore the types of storage units available

Step 2: Explore the types of storage units available

Self storage operators in Singapore usually offer a variety of storage unit options. If you select a renowned self storage provider, you are bound to get any type of unit size and options imaginable. You should be able to get a small storage room (less than 16 sq. ft.) all the way to large storage rooms (over 300 sq. ft.) ideal for commercial storage applications i.e., for storing stock-in-trade, equipment, electronics, furniture, you name it!

Seasoned self storage service providers will have a variety of unit sizes with clear descriptions of the items that can be stored. When exploring different units, consider the limitations and take advantage of the entire space. For instance, a small storage unit can fit a dresser or sofa if the item is stored vertically. In a nutshell, explore storage units with vertical space in mind. Using shelves is a great way to take advantage of height in a storage unit.

Find out how long you’ll be using your storage unit

Step 3: Find out how long you’ll be using your storage unit

The cost of self storage units varies and is based on several factors, the most notable being the duration of your storage period. Knowing how long you’ll be storing for is important as most operators offer attractive promotions depending on how long the storage period is. Furthermore, if you are storing long term, packing your belongings with proper materials is crucial. For instance, wrapping furniture in plastic sheets is okay if you are storing them for only one week. But if you are storing them longer, wrapping them in absorbent fabric or draping big sheets over them prevents moisture build up and damage to the items by mold.

Discover the extras and cost

Step 4: Discover the extras and cost

Like apartments, offices, and any other types of real estate, the cost of storage units is dictated by factors like location and extras. If you need climate control and alarmed storage features in an exclusive area in Singapore, you should expect to pay a little bit more.

However, you shouldn’t worry, since the best self storage unit providers in Singapore offer services in multiple locations allowing you to get a unit that matches all your preferences, including price. You should pick a storage unit provider offering a variety of extras and price points.

If you follow the above guide to the letter, you shouldn’t have a problem picking the right storage unit in Singapore. Begin by determining what you want to store, exploring the storage unit options available, and determining how long you need self storage services. Finish by discovering the extras and total cost.

It counts to store your belongings with some of the best self storage service operators in Singapore like StorHub Self Storage Service. StorHub is the pioneer of the self storage concept in Singapore. Since 2003, StorHub has grown to become the largest self storage provider in Singapore with 13 conveniently located facilities currently.

StorHub offers its services to individuals and businesses. The company’s services are reliable, clean, secured, insured and flexible. You can store personal belongings, business inventory, records, wine, you name it! StorHub is also cost effective with an excellent customer service record. You can access your belongings 24/7 and get to enjoy numerous storage sizes which fit just about any storage need imaginable.

StorHub storage sizes available


I. XXS - less than 16 sq ft: Can accommodate 10 medium boxes


II. XS -17 to 25 sq ft: Can accommodate 20 medium boxes or small furniture, electronics, luggage, etc.


III. S - 26 to 50 sq ft: Can accommodate 50 medium boxes or king-size mattress & duvet, 1x6 dining set, 1x2 wardrobe, 1 chest (with two drawers), miscellaneous items i.e., bicycle, printer, etc. and 8 medium size boxes.


IV. M - 51 to 100 sq ft: Can fit 100 medium boxes or equivalent items including but not limited to living room furniture and electronics, washing machine, 2-door fridge, etc.


V. L - 101 to 200 sq ft: Can fit 200 medium boxes or equivalent items. Can store 8 office workstations and chairs, commercial equipment (i.e. oven, fridge, copier, etc.). Can accommodate items of a typical 3-bedroom apartment.


VI. XL - 201 to 300 sq ft: Can fit 300 medium boxes or equivalent items (merchandise and equipment). Ideal for commercial applications.


VII. XXL - Over 300 sq ft: Can fit 500 medium boxes or equivalent items. Ideal for stock/inventory and/or equipment.

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