4 Tips on How To Increase Efficiency In The Office

Issue: Jun 2021

4 Tips on How To Increase Efficiency In The Office

When your team is working in the office, finishing a project or meeting a deadline definitely aren’t about making them work longer hours. Rather, it is about getting as much work done as possible within the allocated time. Making good use of time, and shaping the work environment to promote that efficiency, will allow your team and yourself to complete a task or a project in a timely manner, cutting out the need to work overtime and allowing them to complete more projects and tasks. In this article, we will be sharing with you tips on how to increase efficiency in your office.

1) Have effective communication

Have effective communication

One method to increase efficiency in the office is to establish effective communication with your employees. In the modern office, there are many ways to communicate effectively, such as phone calls, emails, face to face meetings and mobile communication apps that are specifically designed for efficient communication in the workplace and amongst teams. Make full use of them to promote better teamwork, even if some of your colleagues may not be in the office.

2) Organise your office

A clean and organized office space

Organising the office space can promote efficient work, increasing your productivity. When files and documents are stored in a disorganised manner, your staff and colleagues will be affected by the disorderliness in the office, which will hamper their productivity and efficiency. Similarly, if there is too much clutter around the office, be it from furnishing or items lying around, it can also affect the employees’ morale, level of concentration and reduce the office space available for everyone to move about freely.

One way to better organise your office is to store only important files and documents that facilitate daily operations within it. Other non-essential files and documents can be stored in self-storage facilities that offer business storage solutions, like StorHub. Likewise, less essential items and furniture in the office can also be stored away or sold off.

StorHub is an award-winning self-storage provider you can turn to for your business storage needs, as we offer reliable storage solutions to businesses in 13 convenient locations across the island. At StorHub, you can be assured that your office’s files and documents will be safeguarded in a secured storage facility with 24-hour CCTV surveillance. StorHub also offers a wide range of storage unit sizes for business storage as well as flexible storage terms, to suit your office storage needs, whatever they may be.

Alternatively, if you’re just trying to improve your own efficiency, the simplest thing you can do is clear your work desk of clutter and keep it minimally filled with only the most essential files and items. Include a concentration aid such as a stress ball or a family photo if you wish, while removing all other potential distractions to help you keep your focus.

3) Incentivise your employees

Incentivise your employees

If you lead a team or a company, another way to increase efficiency in your office is to incentivise your employees. Acknowledging a worker for a job well done will help to boost productivity and efficiency as it will make them feel appreciated, which will give them a good reason to be efficient in their work, and make them feel more motivated to go above and beyond when fulfilling their duties.

However, when incentivising your employees, do take their personal preferences into consideration. Some workers would prefer being publicly recognised for their efforts, while some prefer other forms of rewards, such as gifts cards.

4) Give your employees the right tools

Having the right tools for your team in the office will help to increase efficiency . For example, if their work depends heavily on communication and/or remote networking, ensure that the office offers a strong Internet connection and dedicated facilities for communication, such as teleconferencing spaces.

Alternatively, if the team’s work revolves around collaboration, provide them spaces for discussion and remove cubicle walls.

Increase the efficiency of your staff with these tips

Increasing the efficiency of your staff and yourself in the office is easy with these tips, and with StorHub helping you to declutter your office space. Start organising your office, and you’ll see the difference very quickly! Contact us at +65 6337 2000 today to allow us to help you with your business storage needs.

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