4 Tips on How To Maximise Space in Your Home

Issue: May 2021

4 Tips on How To Maximise Space in Your Home

Let’s face it, space is never enough for our modernised lifestyles. It does not matter how small or how big your house is, more often than not, you will find yourself seeking ways to maximise your living area. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to maximise the space in your home.

1. Sliding doors

One advantage of sliding doors is that they free up the doorways, especially if you have a smaller room. Unlike the traditional swing door or a folding door, sliding doors are built into existing walls, allowing you to create additional storage space around the doorway!

Tip: Consider using tall storage cabinets that double up as a sliding door to bedrooms or guest rooms! They are the perfect way to utilise both sides of the wall without taking up more space!

2. Living in colour

Avoid dark colours on your walls and furniture as darker shades often make a space feel small. Instead, use neutral and airy shades of colour! White, beige and grey are neutral colours that will make picking out your furniture much easier as well.

Sliding bedroom doors

Tip: if you find your ceiling a tad low, consider painting it a lighter shade than your walls. For example, use a light grey on your living room walls, then paint your ceiling white - this will give the impression of having a higher ceiling, making you feel less constrained.

3. Use Storage Furniture

Use Storage Furniture

Furniture is an important aspect in any home, and is probably what you and your family would make use of every single day. If you are looking to increase storage spaces, consider multi-functional furniture or built-in furniture. We have found ottomans to be pretty useful in any situation. An ottoman that opens up to reveal storage is perfect for the living room. For one, cushions, blankets and even seldom used tableware can be stored underneath. Secondly, it acts as a footstool or a small side table to complement your sofa.

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4. Light up the corners

Light up the corners

If you have empty spaces in your living room that are not put to good use, consider placing some kind of light source, be it on the floor or on a side table. Having lighting in dark corners will elevate the spaciousness of a small space. Remember, always opt for whiter lighting!

Undoubtedly, using built-in storage space and multi-functional furniture is an effective method of maximising your home space, but at some point you are going to find yourself looking for even more space! We understand the frustration, we all wish to declutter our home without renovating the entire home as well.

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