4 Ways Self Storage Can Help with Family Planning in Singapore

Issue: Jan 2022

4 Ways Self Storage Can Help with Family Planning in Singapore

While Singapore's birth rate fell to a historic low in 2020, there are still many Singaporeans looking to tie the knot--and form families with children. But as any parent knows, the challenge of having a baby isn't the baby itself, rather, it's the logistics that surround the job of parenting--finding space, creating space, arranging space, and accommodating the necessary tools, people and items needed to give both baby and parents maximum comfort and support.

That's where StorHub, along with our self storage solutions, comes into the picture. What does self storage have to do with forming a family in Singapore? We'll look through some of the major reasons below.

1) Providing Flexibility and Accessibility

Man depositing box in a storage space facility

Self storage provides those who need space the flexibility and accessibility they need to arrange and adjust their living space to their requirements while allowing them to retain a sense of control and ownership over their own items.

Whether as temporary overflow space or a more permanent storage extension, self storage provides greater flexibility in allocating and managing your personal possessions while giving you the additional space you may need in your actual habitation.

At the same time, self storage allows access to one's possessions at any time of the day, allowing you to get what you need when you need it, like an extension of your own store room.

2) Clearing Space for the Baby

Baby room with toys

When having a baby, first and foremost, there is a need to make space for the baby--more specifically, the baby cot, clothing, and other important items, such as sterilisers, bottles, and documents. This is especially an issue in this era of pandemic-delayed BTOs, where many couples may be having children while staying in their parents' house, where space is much more limited.

In such cases, not only does self-storage offer you an additional and affordable space to offload items and possessions to make space for the little ones, it also provides you with the flexibility to bring back the removed items whenever you like, such as when your BTO is (finally) ready for moving in.

3) Clearing a Room for Helpers

Domestic helper caring for an infant

It takes a village to rear a child, and many parents may not have the capacity to juggle both your work, the baby, and your own sanity--especially if your jobs require you to be away from home for a long period of time. Whether it's to engage a stay-in confinement nanny, to hire a domestic helper, or to have parents and in-laws stay over to care for the baby, there may be a need to set an entire room aside for them.

While those with clear family plans and intentions may have made allowances for this space from the start, there are many for whom children come later in life, when your home is already full of personal possessions and bric-a-brac. Self storage would allow you the flexibility to retain the items you treasure for when the room becomes available again, or to semi-permanently archive them on a longer-term basis, as you need.

4) Waiting for the Next Baby

Open any Singaporean's HDB flat storeroom, and it's probably full of stuff. Cleaning tools, household items, spare supplies, food, and collectibles, are just some of the things that can clutter up your store--and that's even before having a child.

What do you do when your baby outgrows the need for his/her bottles, childhood items, sterilisers or any other baby items, and you're sure you want another child, but not for a few years?

With storeroom space often being used for more frequently used items, it's a waste of space to use it for bulky bags and boxes of items that may sit there for years untouched--assuming you even have any space left.

With its wide variety of storage space configurations, self storage allows you to store these baby items affordably for a longer period of time until the next one comes along.

Self Storage: An Invaluable Help for Family Planning

As every parent knows, when grappling with the logistics of having a baby in the house, every bit of help makes a world of difference. While StorHub can't help soothe your baby, it can ensure you and yours have the most conducive and spacious environment possible for your little one's growth and development, by offering you the flexibility, accessibility and peace of mind you need so you don't have to worry about where to find space, or agonise over what you need to throw away to make that space.

Storing your things with StorHub is a smart choice for savvy, independent parents and parents-to-be. With 13 strategically and conveniently located warehouses islandwide, 24-hour access, a wide range of storage sizes, and compatible, affordable packages, family planning just became that much easier!

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