6 Easy Ways to Have Yourself a Tidy Little Christmas at Home

Issue: Dec 2020

6 Easy Ways to Have Yourself a Tidy Little Christmas at Home

With the coming of Christmas, and the New Year arriving hard on their heels, you're probably gearing up for celebrations and gatherings like you haven't had in a long time! But with celebrations come clutter--and sometimes even before the celebrations start. How do you keep your house neat and tidy through the festivities?

1) Clean Up Before

Cleaning & storing household items

A factor that shouldn't be overlooked is that you need to start visiting season with your house already in good shape. Tidy your shelves, pick up papers and clothes lying around, do some dusting, and arrange everything well. Having your house clean and tidy will remove the need to frantically run around picking things up only when the doorbell rings, ensure you'll remember where you put everything, and help you open the door to your friends and family feeling calm and confident instead of panicked and embarrassed at the state of your house.

2) Do It All At Once

Most of us tend to procrastinate--especially when faced with a particularly big cleaning task such as you might have on your hands before or after Christmas. In such a situation it may be tempting to split the work and do a small task every day. However, this may cause the work to pile up, as there will always be new tasks and chores to do every day at home. You should try to complete your cleaning in as few sessions as possible to ensure it all gets done. Have a massive laundry day. Do a big spring-cleaning. Get all your kids involved. Try to finish it all in one tiring but rewarding day! It's always a great feeling when the house is clean and neat again.

3) Don't Let It Accumulate

Cleaning & decluttering home space

As visitors come and go (and as their children make messes during their visit), untidiness can accumulate before you know it. Don't let it build up! If you did a big cleaning session as we suggested above, you'll realise that it's much easier to clean up small clutter before it snowballs into big clutter. Try to do a small cleaning up after every visit to restore your home, to save yourself having to spend a whole tiring day doing a big clean-up at the end.

4) Clear Out Your Fridge

Clearing out fridge storage space

After the visits are done and the turkey eaten, one place you have to declutter as much as your rooms and furniture is the fridge. We like tidy rooms, but often neglect the state of our fridges, which can often contain many leftovers and half-eaten ingredients, which can go bad. Clear it out after your celebrations are done, by tossing food that has been kept for too long, or cooking up a big meal with all your leftover ingredients. You'll end up with a delicious meal, and also a neater, more spacious fridge!

5) Discard What You Don’t Want

Clear out unused stored items

Your festive clean-up is also a great opportunity to reduce the amount of things you have. As you clean and tidy your house, it's also a good time to inventory what you have, identify what you don't want, and either discard, sell, or give it away. This will clear out your storage spaces at home and also you with a more spacious and tidier living space in the long run.

6) Store What You Don’t Need Now

Putting items in self storage can also be a good decluttering solution for the festive season in many ways! On the one hand, it can be a short-term solution for the season, as you prepare to receive visitors. Store bulkier or more fragile items that you don't really want guests or their children to be handling or tripping over in a conveniently-located self storage facility like StorHub.

On the other hand, self storage can also provide a longer-term solution for items you may not need regularly--such as the festive display like Christmas tree and ornaments or special furniture that you only take out for use during festive seasons.

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free during the festive season does take some work, but it is definitely worth it, as it restores to you a home that's spacious, open and airy. And with StorHub, you'll get the best of both worlds as you can remove items from your house while knowing you'll be able to bring them back again anytime you need. With a wide range of self storage spaces available for any duration to suit your needs, StorHub is here to help you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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