A Hands-On Activity For A Meaningful Cause With StorHub And Angel Hearts

Issue: Nov 2021

A Hands-On Activity For A Meaningful Cause With StorHub And Angel Hearts

For the second consecutive year, StorHub is pleased to have our volunteers be a part of another hands-on virtual activity on 28 October 2021 with our CSR partner Angel Hearts for a good and meaningful cause. This year, our volunteers put their nifty handicraft to good use by making handmade cards. The session started off with Felicia from Angel Hearts sharing the good cause and initiatives commissioned by Angel Hearts where we learnt that Angel Hearts had now trained more than 400 volunteers and distributed over 2,860 free Angel apparels to partner hospitals and funeral homes as part of their care process.

With a better understanding of the good cause by Angel Hearts, our volunteers put their hearts into creating artwork together by hand, through a guided process of making intricate handcrafted festive cards with a motivational message to give each card a personal touch. These festive handmade cards are intended as complimentary tokens for Angel Hearts’ patrons who make purchases at their e-shop (Whilst stocks last!).

Our volunteers who took part in the therapeutic handicraft session fumbled with the materials provided at first but soon got the hang of making the cards as they persevered and took it one step at a time. Some of them even shared that the activity brought back fond memories for them as it had been a long while since they last crafted anything by hand. All of them got to learn how to make use of origami papers to create unique Christmas themed masterpieces with layered patterns with the help of an Iris card template. Iris folding is a card-making technique that makes use of paper strips of all sorts of fun colours and prints that are cut out into various shapes, layered across, and pasted on a printed template. Throughout the session, everyone got to pick up new skills such as quilling methods which enabled them to create the ‘star’ to put the finishing touches to their Christmas tree. At the end of the eventful and productive session, our volunteers were all immensely proud of their works and signed off each of their work of art for the StorHub CSR programme.

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