Achieving Good Fengshui at Home

Issue: Jan 2019

Achieving Good Fengshui at Home

After a long day at work, we all deserve to return home to a private sanctuary that provides serenity and comfort. To create such an environment, there are simple fengshui principles that even non-believers could benefit from. It starts with ‘qi’, or energy.

The idea is that good energy in the home encourages harmonious relationships, good health and an overall sense of well-being. And the nemesis of good energy is clutter.

Clutter blocks the flow of good energy and prevents it from fully circulating in their home. You can think of this as related to the psychological effects of clutter — a cluttered room tends to make people feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

This Year of the Pig, there are three simple ways you can make room for good energy by maximising storage space!

1. Out of sight is not out of mind

While spring cleaning, we may be tempted to shove everything into boxes, and shove those boxes into the storeroom. But hiding clutter is quite different from removing it. If you have infrequently used items, now’s a good time to organise them. Assign old books to one box, and knick-knacks to another, and consider stashing these boxes in a self storage unit so they don’t disrupt the flow of energy in your home.

2. Rest well and sleep tight

Bad sleep quality is probably one of the worst things we can subject our bodies too. Having sufficient and restful sleep every night is the cornerstone of good health, so it’s important to ensure that our bedrooms are clear of clutter. In addition to purging your wardrobe, don’t overlook the boxes hiding under the bed, and the loose items that are accumulating in your bedside table drawers!

3. Keep the kitchen clear

In the world of fengshui, your bedroom reflects the state of your health, while your kitchen reflects the state of your wealth. So, don’t miss out your kitchen when decluttering. After clearing countertops and cleaning out drawers, take a moment to peek into the fridge! Chances are, there are expired food and forgotten leftovers taking up precious storage space, wasting electricity, and cluttering up this space.

A self storage unit can be your best friend during the decluttering process. It’s not just great for keeping big, bulky items out of the house. In fact, there are many reasons why people choose to store. At StorHub, our self storage facilities are conveniently located island-wide, with 24/7 access so you’re never too far from your belongings. If you need help, use our online space calculator to estimate your storage needs, or get in touch with us! We’ll be delighted to help. 
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