Big Events in Store

StorHub’s scalability, flexibility, and accessibility make local event company a loyal customer

Issue: Jul 2015

Big Events in Store
Event company, Ideagraph, has been a loyal StorHub company since it started because StorHub is able to provide it the scalability, flexibility, and round-the-clock easy access it needs
StorHub Toa Payoh

Running events islandwide for its clients is what Ideograph does best. With a large part of its clientele in the cutting-edge telecommunications, IT, and electronics sectors, innovation is this two-year-old event company’s strong suit.

“Once, in order to demonstrate how quickly a notebook can boot up, we used a tennis ball. In the time the ball gets tossed up, comes down, and bounces up again, the notebook has started up,” says Randy Chee, Accounts Director of Ideagraph Pte Ltd.

On another occasion, to showcase the functions of a tablet, Ideagraph set up an entire orchestra to perform a piece using the tablets instead of musical instruments.

“These days you can’t just go out into the streets and tell people how something works. You have to demonstrate it. People are attracted by action,” says the spokesman.

But when the show-and-tell is over, Ideograph’s job is still not done.

“Some of our clients want to recycle their props for future events. These are huge and bulky. As a one-stop, full service agency, we store these items for them. It also makes it more convenient for us to deploy the items for the next event. On demand rental allows us to expand and shrink our rental overheads according to our client’s marketing activities and event calendars.”

That is why Ideagraph leases two storage units at Singapore’s largest self storage facility, StorHub Self Storage, one at Changi and another at Toa Payoh to store their client bulky props.

Fast Service & Flexible Rental Periods

Apart from being Singapore’s leading self storage operator, StorHub was Ideagraph’s first choice because of their extensive network of location and prompt service. The event company is often expected to react quickly to clients who may decide at the last minute to recycle their large-scale props for future exhibitions. At times like these, having a service provider like StorHub which can react just as quickly is an asset.

“StorHub is ideal because it can accommodate all our needs on the spot. They make it so easy for us to get a storage space. We can scout out the place, lease it, and move in all within the same day.”

Leasing a unit at StorHub is a breeze. Simply pick a location, ascertain the size of the unit required, sign up, and move in. Leases are flexible with rental periods that can be shortened or extended according to needs. This is another bonus for a company like Ideograph whose needs can change any time depending on its clients’ demands.

Flexible Space

StorHub Toa Payoh

Another form of flexibility Ideagraph appreciates is the scalability of the storage space available. With over 10,000 units that range from four to over 2,000 square feet, StorHub has a size to fit every need.

“My client’s needs can change from event to event because the floor space for every event varies. So what they need in terms of props will change accordingly. Scalability, then, is very important to me. I need to be able to switch from a smaller unit to a bigger one and vice versa just like that when the clients need to store less or more. StorHub is able to offer that,” says Ideograph.

Because Ideagraph ensures that each of its clients has its own storage space, such flexibility to scale up or down is even more important.

“We don’t put one client’s stuff into the unutilised space of another client’s storage unit. We take serious measures to secure the confidentiality and proprietary information of our client’s assets and proprietary information. With every client, we need that scalability and we need it to be secured.”

Fail-safe Accessibility

StorHub Self Storage with its network of 11 facilities spread across the island works wonderfully for Ideagraph as well because it gives the company the latitude to pick a location for its storage unit that is nearest to its client’s needs, which is why it spreads its storage units across two locations.

StorHub Changi

“The Changi drive-up unit is wonderful because it is just by the roadside, giving us vehicle access. To move our bulky stuff, we simply drive up and roll up the shutter. When we have items that weight between 200 and 300 kilograms, that kind of access means a lot,” says Ideograph.

Huge cargo lifts and loading bays that are wide enough to accommodate the sets and props Ideograph handles are decisive feature for storing with StorHub, as is the 24/7 access.

“Sometimes, we need to access our client’s props at short notice and at odd times. It is not uncommon for us to need gets things from storage or keep things either very early in the morning or well past midnight. StorHub provides us that convenience with any-time, all-the-time access to our items.”

The secure environment that StorHub provides is another thing that Ideograph appreciates. StorHub uses biometric system for access and only the fingerprints of the registered customer can be allowed access. In addition, every self storage facility is fitted with 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras. There is also a fire protection system throughout each facility with complimentary insurance of up to S$15,000 coverage against fire and theft.

Ideagraph is so happy with what StorHub has to offer, it is set to leave things to the experts for a long while.

“We did try to store our client’s things ourselves. We rented our own warehouse space previously. But we found that it divided our attention. We prefer to concentrate on our core expertise – management and creatives - and let the experts in storage take care of the storage.”

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