Declutter your home, store with StorHub!

Issue: Apr 2019

Declutter your home, store with StorHub!

Singapore may be an island of wonders, but it is also a tiny one. According to a survey conducted by the National Youth Council in 2013, approximately 97% of the unmarried Singaporeans between the age of 15-34 live with their parents.

This is not surprising because the property sizes in Singapore have been getting smaller and pricier over the years. The limited land space on the island has resulted in the construction of tall apartment buildings with small and incredibly expensive units.

The majority of Singaporean millennials have lived in their parents’ homes for an average of 10 years or more spending most of their lifetime – from birth to adulthood – growing up in the same home. As a result, there are a lot of things they have accumulated over the years. With all the family members living together, there is simply not enough space in the home to accommodate everyone’s belongings. It is almost impossible to keep everything neatly without cluttering your homes.

So, how can you deal with this problem? Simple: Get a self storage unit at StorHub!

StorHub provides an alternative storage space away from home, with 24/7 access. Having a storage space allows you to declutter your homes, and revamp dull spaces into something fresh and modern. With round-the-clock surveillance, rest assured that it is also a safe space where you can keep all your things neatly organized which in turn gives you peace of mind.

If you need more reasons to check it out, then here are few:

1. Preserve your past with the Memory Box

Everyone has a plethora of objects that they’ve collected throughout their lifetime. The accumulation of these sentimental belongings from childhood to present can be difficult to let go of. Therefore, having an alternative storage space allows you to keep them safe and sound without having to get rid of them. A StorHub unit can literally be your exclusive memory box, serving as a museum of your life experiences.

2. Focus on your life by living in the present

Living in the present requires letting go of all the things holding you back. Declutter the old stuff and revamp your homes with a personal flair and make way for a brand-new look in your living space. Safekeep all that old furniture, nostalgic décor and accessories to make way for the new look.

3. Let your storage space be an escape from reality

Lastly, use a self storage unit as a dedicated space to pursue your hobby. If you’re a collector of any sort, this space can be your personal haven. All the pieces that you experience space constraint keeping at home can be stored within your StorHub container. If you love to read and have a lot of books but not enough space at home, you can create your own personal library within a storage space at StorHub!

If all of these amazing reasons aren't enough, StorHub offers flexible rental periods with varying storage sizes to suit all your storage need. Call us at 6337 2000 and our friendly staffs will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

Blog Source - Renopedia

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