Florence - The Supermom

Issue: Aug 2016

Florence - The Supermom

It’s 3pm on a weekday afternoon. While some people have a mid-day break on their minds, Florence Tan is making a customer delivery after picking her three-year-old daughter from nursery. She has just a small window of time before she’s due to fetch her six-year-old son from school, but she uses it to run a business.

This is the life of a multitasking supermom—a full-time mother and the owner of a thriving online business. But Florence laughs it off, saying, “Any mother can do what I do.”

Once a regional marketing professional with a well-known consumer brand, Florence chose to trade in her career for the joys of full-time parenting. Unexpectedly, it was motherhood that sparked the idea for a business venture.

“I was frustrated by the lack of child-safe products in the market. I felt that there would be many parents, like myself, who are willing to pay a little more to ensure that their children are raised in a safe environment,” she shared.

Thousands of boxes used for packaging artisan jewellery designed by his wife, Ling, used to be kept at home until Mr Foo rented StorHub�s storage facility, a safer, friendly and convenient facility for his needs

This inspired her to create Kovia House (www.koviahse.com), a one-stop online store for child-safe products ranging from household cleaners and pest control solutions to non-toxic art supplies. Florence has even developed an exclusive line of nano-technology towels that are more absorbent and longer-lasting than regular towels.


For the first two years after starting Kovia House, the mumtrepreneur raised her kids, managed the household and ran her business on her own. Now, with a domestic helper to take on the household chores, Florence has a little more breathing space to grow her business.

“I think the crux to succeeding with an online business is speed. I try to process all orders on the day they are received and send them out the next day. I don’t want my customers to be left waiting and wondering after they have made payment,” said Florence.

In order to achieve this quick turnaround, Florence has to maintain a sizeable inventory of products. Her inventory grew in tandem with the popularity of her online store and, soon, Florence found herself looking beyond her own home for a more feasible storage solution.

“My husband has an office and warehouse space that he offered to share with me. But I felt that a professional storage facility would be better. After doing some research, I narrowed down my options to StorHub and another facility, which is located right next door. I eventually chose StorHub for greater peace of mind,” said Florence, who has been a loyal customer of StorHub Bukit Batok for over two years now.

“Safety and security was a key consideration for me,” she explained. “There are times when I visit my storage unit alone, late at night when my kids are fast asleep, to retrieve products for delivery. I feel safe because StorHub value security very seriously. It has biometric access controls and there are CCTVs around the facility.”

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