From Fantasy to Reality: A Walk-in Wardrobe

Issue: Apr 2023

From Fantasy to Reality: A Walk-in Wardrobe

For most of us, growing up in a high-rise, urban environment meant learning to live in compact spaces. Even if you were lucky enough to have your own room at home, you had to make do with a skinny two-door closet. While your parents were nagging about how you had too many clothes, you fantasised about a luxurious walk-in wardrobe like the ones you see on TV.

You may not have the storage space to accommodate one at home but there’s another possibility — a self storage unit! People use self storage for all sorts of purposes and, if fashion is your passion, you can easily turn a self storage unit into an enviable walk-in wardrobe. Here’s how!

Plan Your Storage Space

Start by finding the right self storage unit. An air-conditioned one is ideal, especially if you intend to be spending time inside trying on different outfits. Air-conditioning also helps fight humidity, so your leather pieces and handbags are less likely to suffer from mould — although you should still keep them in transparent clothes covers and dust bags.

Women also tend to need more hanging space than men, especially for dresses, so take that into consideration when planning your storage space. You can buy modular closet frames and drawer sets inexpensively these days to build a wardrobe that fits your precise needs. At StorHub, self storage units can accommodate cabinets of up to 2.2m in height.

We also recommend drawers over open shelves to protect your clothes and keep dust out. For shoes and bags, transparent drawers can be a great option because you can immediately see what’s inside – no more rummaging around!

If you own seasonal clothes, like winter wear, that will see less frequent use, keep them in a separate area or neatly tucked away in suitcases so they don’t get in the way.

Think about Details

A walk-in wardrobe isn’t just a home for your clothes. Think about how you’re going to use the space. Designate an area where you can lay out your clothes while planning your next Outfit of the Day. Bring in an armchair to sit on while you try out shoes. Include three full-length mirrors so you can see how you look from the front and sides.

Make it Luxe!

The whole idea of a walk-in wardrobe is to pamper yourself. With a couple of thoughtful touches, you can transform the space into a luxurious experience. You may not be able to blanket the entire unit with thick, soft carpeting but you can introduce a small rug to replicate the luxe factor. You can also add a scented air freshener to make the space smell wonderful.

And with StorHub Self Storage's 24-hour access policy, you can waltz into your walk-in wardrobe anytime you wish — whether it’s to pick out a new outfit for the next day, or to swap pieces between your walk-in wardrobe and your home closet.

Self storage is designed to be versatile and, at StorHub, we’re all about your needs! Check out our tips for smarter storage to understand what you can and shouldn’t do with your unit and use our visual size estimator to find a storage unit in Singapore that is perfectly sized for you.

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