Get ready for the F1 Season! Make Space with Storage Facility in Singapore

Issue: Sep 2022

Get ready for the F1 Season! Make Space with Storage Facility in Singapore

The F1 Merchandise Mid-Summer Sale is here

After a two-year break, Singapore welcomes back the Formula 1 Grand Prix and we're all very excited about the buzz that it's going to bring. It has been announced that Singapore will host Formula 1 for another seven years, from 2022 to 2028 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. F1 enthusiasts are so hyped that they’ve already booked out most hotel rooms in Singapore.

The Singapore Grand Prix had taken a hiatus for the past 2 years and is now back to take place on 30 September to 2 October 2022. This announcement proves F1 Grand Prix Singapore remains to be one of the most highly anticipated events on the race calendar.

As 30th September is drawing ever closer, fans are celebrating in many ways, by getting tickets to watch the action live, getting together with friends and family, and purchasing commemorative F1 merchandise.

Getting ready for the mid-season sale on the newest F1 collections

F1 collections

Enhance your experience with F1 merchandise when watching the race. This month will be the perfect moment for you to get the collections you had your eyes on at the Grand Prix. You may be already thinking about which items you will get, perhaps a t-shirt, a hat, a helmet, or even a water bottle.

To help you make room for your collection buying spree, we have some tips for you to manage your storage space for your latest F1 collectibles.

Do a storage cleanout

To maximise your storage space for your F1 merchandise collection, you might need to store some of your existing items away before the event. It is important to gauge the amount of storage space available in your home to hold your new prized F1 driver merchandise.

First, you need to look at the existing collection in your storage and see what you no longer need. If you are not going to use it anytime soon, it is time to store it away.

If the items you no longer need are still in good condition, you can donate them to friends, family or charities, or keep them in a self storage facility for potential use in the future. Or if you’re thinking of making some extra cash, you can also sell them on Carousell.

With all the new space, you are now able to liven up your place with the latest F1 merchandise!

To display or store it?

Another simple way to organise them is by categorising your collections into two groups - the display group, and the storage group. The display group will be where you put your favourite collectibles on display, such as posters, helmets, or mugs of your favourite driver or your favourite F1 team. The storage group would be the collectibles that will be stored safely at home or in a storage unit. This will allow you to keep them safe and in good condition.

After making some space, properly organising your F1 collection is next. Start by categorising your F1 items display based on the type of the item, the driver, the team, or the size. You may want to organise your prized valuables according to the year the item was manufactured or according to the collection series. Most collectors also use a spreadsheet to keep track of the different attributes of their prized possessions and where they are stored.

Do regular housekeeping

Collectors take pride in keeping the condition of their collections in excellent or mint quality. Remember to do regular thorough check-ups and cleaning on your collections, maybe twice a year, especially if you are not storing the items at your home.

Proper storage and cleaning can help you maintain the quality of your collections. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe your collection to keep them clean and bacteria-free because microfibre eliminates 99% of bacteria and is 3 times more effective in cleaning than a regular cloth.

It's also recommended that frequent dusting will keep your collectibles in the best condition for the long run, whether you decide to display or store them. Again, we recommend using a microfibre duster for this to gently prevent dust build-up on your valuable collections.

What can we do to help you?

Storing your prized collections in secured self storage such as StorHub Lifestyle Storage allows you to preserve your collection in mint condition and maintain their value. You will have access to our storage unit 24/7, which allows you to check or retrieve your items anytime you want.

StorHub facilities are equipped with secure access to keep your collection safe at all times. At StorHub Lifestyle, the digital storage comes with the option to give access to authorised personnel and is secured with a digital lock. Shelving options are also available with StorHub Lifestyle upon request. Get a quote now or call 6337 2000 to find out more about our storage solutions now!

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