How to Optimize Storage Space As a Student

Issue: Mar 2020

How to Optimize Storage Space As a Student

If you’re a student attending the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the Singapore Management University or another institution in Singapore, then you likely know how essential and valuable having some extra space can be around your dorm. With affordable self storage options from StorHub, you can now keep extra books, materials, amenities, and clothing in the perfectly sized unit to best fit your needs without breaking your tight budget.

Check out how you can optimize your living and storage space with our student storage friendly tips.

Take Advantage of Promotions

All of us at StorHub want students to know that we are here to support and provide them with their affordable student storage needs. One of the best ways our storage facilities cater to students and those looking for affordable self storage is by providing promotional offers on our self storage spaces. Because who doesn’t enjoy saving a little extra money during the term?

If you’re a student looking to rent over the summer, during the term or for a longer period of time as you earn your degree, then be sure to check out our affordable student storage promotions on our website before you rent. Deals depend on your location, so be sure to shop around and compare on our website before you rent.

Units Sell Out Fast

Having extra space as a student is a hot commodity. With cramped dorms and limited space options, having additional room for your belongings and living essentials is in high demand. To anticipate the need, students should check StorHub’s self storage unit availabilities at any of our numerous locations. When doing so, be sure to also check out our ‘Promotions’ page for additional deals to help you save on our already affordable storage. Our unit sizes range from 4 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. and units sell out quickly, so rent your storage space before your term starts if possible.

Split Your Self Storage

Many students in Singapore sign up for affordable storage by splitting up a self storage space with friends or roommates. University students can benefit from a wide variety of smaller storage spaces, but this may not always work for everyone’s budget, school schedule or space requirements.

While students may not have many possessions, having a smaller unit sometimes isn’t the best option. In these cases, students may want to rent a larger unit to divide the space with others (while keeping any valuables separate and outside a shared unit) to split the difference. This way, everyone benefits from affordable student storage.

Using these simple hacks can save time, money and space for many looking into affordable storage options. And because most universities have storage units located within walking distance, students can take full advantage of nearby self storage facilities and start decluttering their dorms for a better college experience.

Check out StorHub’s affordable storage options for students today!

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