Maximising Self Storage Solutions for the Maximalist

Issue: Feb 2023

Maximising Self Storage Solutions for the Maximalist

Are you a maximalist?

Most of us have heard of the term ‘minimalism’ – to live with the concept of ‘less is more’. What about maximalism?

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, with the aesthetic focused on keeping more of everything you love; memories, colours, textures and accessories. However, this can mean that you run out of areas for new items and your home can feel cluttered. If you're a maximalist, here are some ways to create extra storage space and make the most out of your living area.

Most cost-effective solutions to organise your storage

Store them in boxes and out of sight

One of the cheapest storage space solutions is to keep your surplus items in boxes from recent purchases. When you buy items, reuse the sturdy boxes to store your items at home before stacking them neatly under furniture such as the bed. This helps to maintain cleanliness and neaten the whole look of the space. Try organising the boxes by categorising and labelling them by collections or specific types to simplify the process of storing and then finding them again when needed. Placing them in boxes might also help retain their quality in time to come. If you have already incorporated this solution and find that the boxes start to pile up, consider a self storage facility to keep seasonal decorations or bulky items around the house that you seldom use.

Maximise empty suitcases

Are your suitcases laying empty and taking up space? A great way to utilise them and the space they occupy is to fill it with extra items such as arts and crafts, books, knitting supplies, towels, or off-season clothes and shoes. To free up more space, consider storing these filled up suitcases in a self storage facility.

extra space storage

Utilise crawling space with under-bed storage

With items neatly packed in boxes and suitcases, they can be easily slipped under the bed to conceal them from sight and keep them tidily out the way. This solution greatly minimises mess and makes your room appear more spacious, while keeping your possessions within reach.

Set up a wall rack

In the event that you need a lot of extra storage space, installing a wall rack creates the illusion of openness and is a stylish way to keep your items organised while putting them on display. If you have collections or memorabilia, a wall rack is an especially great option to showcase them.

Combine wall shelf colours and shapes according to your aesthetic to turn your wall storage into a work of art. Add shelves of varying widths and heights for added texture and versatile storage.

The addition of classic hooks allows you to hang plants, coats and other collectibles, maximising your wall and freeing up extra floor space.

In Singapore, living spaces are getting more confined. As a maximalist with many cherished items around you, self storage may be a good option when your home feels a little busy. At StorHub Self Storage, we have storage solutions to suit all needs. Storing your possessions in Personal Storage will keep them secure, with 24/7 security and CCTV, as well as insurance for added peace of mind. If you're also looking for storage with a digital locking system, consider our Lifestyle Storage service which comes with shelving in some units for extra organisation. All of our facilities are accessible whenever you need them so you can retrieve your items at any time, and with our wide range of sizes, you only pay for the space you use. Rest assured that your treasured items will be safe with StorHub Self Storage.

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