MINDS Film Festival 2022 touches the hearts of the StorHub team

Issue: Aug 2022

MINDS Film Festival 2022 touches the hearts of the StorHub team

On Thursday 18 August 2022, StorHub showed our support to MINDS, a social service agency that advocates for and advances the wellness of People With Intellectual Disabilities (PWID). Through partnerships like these that empower people to better their lives and make positive impacts, we are devoted to giving back to our community with our time, manpower and resources.

The recent pandemic caused great difficulties for PWID, and for social causes in general, so we are amping up our efforts to aid these important initiatives. As well as providing free storage space, we further showed our commitment to MINDS with a delegation of 13 StorHub members, including Mike Hagbeck (Group CEO) and Luigi La Tona (CEO, Singapore), attending the inaugural night of MINDS Film Festival 2022.

Showcasing films and short films from around the world about PWID, the festival gave a powerful and moving insight into their lives, obstacles, and accomplishments. With Ms. Gan Siow Huang as the guest of honour, the theme was to build a caring and inclusive Singapore, creating more opportunities for communities and having a common place for interaction for all.

We were treated to a short live exchange between one of the film directors, Mr. Nir Bergman, MINDS Institute Director Dr. Vimallan S/O Manokara, and ‘Our Lives, Our Voices Self-advocate Mr. Allan Cai. Mr. Bergman’s film ‘Here we are’ showed the emotional attachment between a caregiver and PWID in a thought-provoking and stirring way; we were incredibly inspired. This meaningful event truly resonated with our dedication to CSR, and we are excited to champion future projects.

“StorHub is very proud to support MINDS and especially the MINDS Film Festival which allows PWID a brilliant avenue for their creativity,” says Mike Hagbeck of the experience.

Luigi La Tona adds to explain why we are so proud of our continued work with MINDS, “MINDS is a fantastic organisation conducting fantastic work for a fantastic community. StorHub Self Storage is proud to be a sponsor and lend our services where we can.”

Join us in supporting the movement of MINDS to build a social inclusive Singapore and get your tickets at mindsfilmfest.com now!

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