More Than A Storeroom: How To Use Self Storage for E-Commerce

Issue: Jun 2022

More Than A Storeroom: How To Use Self Storage for E-Commerce

Growth in Singapore's eCommerce is increasing at a rapid rate. Since the beginning of Covid-19, this has led to a boost in eCommerce and accelerated the digital transformation process. As restrictions took over during the pandemic, businesses and customers began to "go digital," which led to a rise in eCommerce's share of global retail trade.

Online businesses can save money on overhead, but they still need a place to keep their inventory.

eCommerce And Online Business Self-Storage At StorHub

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Our storage facilities at StorHub are a convenient and cost-effective way to store inventory on hand. StorHub offers the most well-maintained storage spaces in Singapore and with our wide range of unit sizes, you may keep simply a few boxes with us, or you can build up your unit with equipment for larger enterprises.

One of your most important assets if you're in the eCommerce industry is the amount of storage space you have. Regardless of the size of your storage facility, the safety and security of your business's inventory are critical to its long-term success. This means that it is always worth it to go above and beyond to ensure that you have adequate storage space available.

For those of you running an online store, you may be wondering: How to use self storage for eCommerce?

Here Are Five Ways You Can Use A Safe Storage For Your E-Commerce Business

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We have put together a list of five ways and recommendations for you on how to use self storage for your eCommerce business.

1) Utilise The Self Storage Facility In The Same Way That You Would A Regular Warehouse

Warehousing is an essential part of your supply chain if you're an online retailer. An efficient online self storing management system will save you money and time while keeping your clients satisfied.

Your reasons for self storage may include any or all of the following, depending on the products you sell:

  • Keeping stock on hand for a long-term
  • Renovating your office and needing to store stuff
  • Storing business for inventory or archives
  • Needing an air conditioning (AC) system to keep your products
  • Another way to expand your online business on a budget

2) Do Your Pack & Dispatch From The Self Storage Facility

There is a lot more to eCommerce self storage than simply storing things. In order to maximise the benefits of renting self storage, you can pack your products there allowing you to save time. This enables your business to have successful order fulfilment management. Your eCommerce business will run more efficiently if you have a well-managed inventory and order fulfilment system in place.

3) Make It A Workspace Away From Home

While you're busy photographing and stocking your online store's inventory, you may also require storage space for your actual products. A storage unit can help you maintain all of your important records, including tax records, shipping and handling documentation, receipts, and stocks, in one convenient place. This will help keep your home clutter-free, avoid important items from being misplaced, and keep you from being overwhelmed by mess and filth.

4) Security And Temperature Control For Your Goods

One of the most crucial features of many eCommerce businesses is the safety of their belongings and items. When you're running a small business, it's easy to keep an eye on only a few things.

However, loss prevention gets increasingly difficult as your business expands. You can rest certain that your belongings are safe and secure at self-storage units.

In addition, our self-storage facilities are airy, light, and well-lit keeping your goods that need to be kept at a specified temperature maintained in a temperature-controlled store.

5) Inventory Storage For High-Demand Periods

A company's success depends on its ability to satisfy customers throughout the year. Storing and keeping sufficient inventory, on the other hand, is a risk that businesses must incur on a year-round basis due to the unpredictable nature of seasonal demand.

For example, some businesses rely on the holiday season to drive most of their sales, while others may rely on the weather or seasonal events like Summer or Easter to boost their sales. With self storage, you'll be able to access your inventory more quickly and keep an eye on your stock levels.

StorHub Self Storage Can Help Grow Your E-Commerce Business

All eCommerce businesses that sell physical goods must have a well-thought-out storage strategy in place if they want to exceed customer expectations. The ultimate purpose of any business's activities is to earn a good amount of revenue as well as to keep the costs low.

Storage facilities like StorHub can come in handy in this situation.

Storage, packaging, and shipping of products all require a certain amount of space. Working from a self-storage eliminates the need for an office or a home office.

You can rely on our storage facilities in Singapore to be safe and secure. If you need reliable storage space in Singapore, head over to StorHub and get a quote on the storage cost Singapore here.

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