Paul - The Frenetic Producer

Issue: Nov 2015

Paul - The Frenetic Producer

When it comes to balancing life between work and passion, there are often two types of people – one that does what they love for a living, and one that strikes a line between work and passion. Paul belongs to the latter.


“I’m a software engineer, so basically – I code for a living. But more precisely, I cover software development which includes specifications, testing, documentation and more,” Paul explains.

Paul has a deep-rooted love for art, which may seem like a field that’s pretty far away from his daily job encompassing numbers and technical insights into complex systems, but he manages to keep it close to heart.

“I love to create things, to assemble them,” Paul lets in. In his job, he loves the dynamic portion of drawing things together to form working softwares, melodies or even structures. That love for putting together things out of bits and pieces translates into his love for music as well. “In my spare time, I love to create music, sing, compose and also produce and edit video content,” he says.

“I can’t actually recall when I started to make music. There’s no specific trigger. It’s something that you feel and can’t really explain,” Paul muses, “When I dive into music, I’m being the truest form of myself.”

Paul’s passion for music has followed him from his home in France to tropical Singapore when he relocated to the cosmopolitan little city for work. It’s his first authentic experience abroad so it helps to enlarge his vision of the world, consequently changing his approach to music. The one thing that has remained the same is the time he sets aside to practice his passion, and the immense space that his musical equipment takes up.

Some of Paul’s equipment are still in France, namely being some of his numerous keyboards, midi controllers, mics, speakers, amplifiers and a range of guitars. However, he’s been adding to his existing collection in Singapore and now, he boasts a proud variety of guitars, amplifiers and the lot in a flat he shares with other flatmates as well.

Vannessa Lee

When we asked if space was an issue in his apartment, he laughed and joked that the space issue was more of an issue amongst his flatmates than himself. “I don’t have much space at home and because I’m a compulsive buyer when it comes to my passions, I have to find a way to store it efficiently,” Paul said.

“StorHub can be really useful for me to store furniture I don’t require in my flat at the moment, and to stash away bulky music equipment that takes up way too much space in my apartment, that I only use from time to time.”

“It’s a pretty neat solution, I must say. I’m sure musicians all around Singapore can relate to the space issue I have, and this is such an easy way out without resorting to throwing things away and wasting money in the process!”

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