StorHub works towards environmental sustainability with Charge+

Issue: Sep 2020

StorHub works towards environmental sustainability with Charge+

The Singapore government announced recently that they have plans to work towards cutting down on and eventually getting rid of vehicles with internal combustion engines altogether before 2040. This is in hopes of having only vehicles that run on clean energy to be allowed to be driven. As there is limited space in Singapore for charging points to be installed, StorHub's collaboration with Charge+ will help to mitigate this issue.

Image taken from Channel News Asia.

We are pleased to share that we are reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability through our partnership with Charge+, a leading electric vehicle charging solution provider. Since space is at a premium in Singapore, we are making the most of the localised power supply that are available at our locations around the city so that more electric vehicle charging points can be installed on our premises. This will suit the convenience of customers who are electric vehicle drivers and are living in close proximity to our facility in their neighbourhood.

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