Storing your Own Wine: How to Do It Right

Issue: Dec 2020

Storing your Own Wine: How to Do It Right

Wine is a drink that is often regarded as a symbol of luxury. It has many different variants, such as red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines. Enjoyed by many different cultures over the centuries it continues to be a symbol of wealth, luxury and high living today.

However, wine as a beverage is vulnerable to changes in the environment in which it is stored. For many wine connoisseurs there is a constant challenge to store wine correctly at home especially in our hot and humid environment. Also, it is difficult for people to find enough space to store their wine at home in the proper conditions that ensure the value and taste of the wine are not affected adversely. In this article, we will be sharing tips on how to store wine in a proper manner, so that its taste, characteristics and value will not be affected over time as well as helping to enable your investment to maintain or increase its value.

1. Store wine in a dry and dark storage space and avoid direct sunlight

Wine bottles in wine storage

One tip to properly store wine is to store it in a dry and dark storage space, away from any light including natural sunlight and fluorescent light. Light can cause wine to prematurely age which in turn changes its taste and characteristics. Wine is best stored in a dark and dry place, which helps to preserve its taste as well as ensure corks don’t deteriorate.

2. Avoid storing wine with food or items with strong odours

Wine bottles inside a wine fridge

Another tip is to avoid storing wine with food or items with strong odours. This is because the corks of the wine bottles are porous, which means air and odours could enter the bottles, potentially affecting the wine. The atmosphere around the storage space should also be kept as neutral as possible as wine is able to absorb odours from the air, which means the odours can affect its taste and characteristics.

3. Wine should be stored in optimal temperatures and humidity levels

Wine refrigerator for wine storage

Lastly, wine should be stored in optimal climate-controlled temperatures and humidity levels which are consistent. This is because fluctuations in the temperatures may cause the bottle’s cork to expand or contract, which will allow air to seep into the bottle potentially spoiling the wine or even allow the wine to seep out of the bottle.

It should be stored in an environment which has a temperature that is between 10°C – 15°C. Ideally it should also be stored at a humidity level of around 70%. This is because if humidity levels are too low the corks of the wine bottles will dry out, which will enable air to enter the wine bottle. If air enters the bottle the wine will oxidize thus potentially spoiling and destroying the value of the wine itself.

The go-to solution for this is typically a wine chiller or wine fridge. These can be installed anywhere in the house and will help keep the wine within its optimal parameters especially as here in Singapore we have a hot and humid climate where the conditions are not at all ideal for wine storage.

Store your wine in a proper manner with these tips

A wine bottle in a bucket of ice

Storing wine in your own home in Singapore can be a difficult and expensive task as it is hard to ensure the right conditions. Wine storage solutions such as wine fridges often carry a sizeable price tag and usually take up a lot of space — all the more so if you’re an avid collector or connoisseur who has more than just a few bottles! Not to mention having to keep your wine fridge running 24/7 means additional electricity consumption and increased energy bills.

With those factors taken into consideration, storing wine in self storage wine cellars such as Winebanc is considered the best option, due to their security and optimal wine storage conditions. With storage facilities located in the heart of Singapore at Delta House on River Valley Road and Toa Payoh, Winebanc gives customers maximum ease of accessibility to their precious wine. Winebanc facilities have humidity levels that are controlled between 65% and 75% and temperatures set at 13°C both of which have been optimised for the cellaring of your most prized vintages. At Winebanc, you can store your wines and age them safely and securely in facilities specifically designed for wine storage.

Winebanc also offers round-the-clock access and flexible storage terms designed to give you greater convenience when storing your wine. Visit us at or contact us at +65 6955 9788 today for your wine storage needs!

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