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Managing business records just got easier

Dealing with tons of documents in the office can often take up a lot of time and space. StorED offers 4 effective solutions to help you manage your business records.

From storage of physical documents to conversion into electronic documents to cloud storage for digital files and secure destruction of old records, StorED offers everything for your total record management needs.

Record Management

Record Storage
Store & Retrieve

Simply pack your document and leave the rest to us. We’ll collect and transport them to our secure storage facility. To retrieve, just give us a call.

Why store with StorHub?

Records take up spaces within the offices but it is necessary to have them stored securely. Regain office space and store with StorHub to utilize space efficiently within the office. At StorHub, we now offer record management service to fulfill documents storage needs.


Gather and pack your items into our StorHub boxes.

Once packed, schedule a pick up of your boxes to be send to our secure storage facility.

We can return your boxes on demand.
Record Digitization

Record Digitization
Scan & save

Get your records scanned, saved and delivered to you in a portable hard disk for safe and efficient storage.

Documents digitized , stored and managed by our partners are legally recognized to be as good as the original.

Evidence Act Certified

Any document digitized, stored and managed by our partner is admissible as primary evidence in the Courts of Singapore. This means our digitized records are legally recognized to be as good as the original.
Why it Matters?

Legal contracts and finance records are binding documents subjected to limitation act in Singapore. Digitized the records and store them in safe and secure storage with StorHub.
Intelligent Record Management

Intelligent Record Management
Access anytime, anywhere

Go fully paperless with our partner’s highly secure cloud storage and retrieve any of your documents instantly anytime, anywhere.

All records scanned are stored securely on Singapore’s Web Service (AWS) local data center, which allows us to host highly confidential data in Singapore.

Secure Destruction

Secure Destruction
Shred safe

Rest assured that records which have reached the end of their cycle can be securely destroyed in compliance with regulations and registration in Singapore. We end this final stage in your record management service with a destruction certification for your safekeeping.


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