4 Tips on How To Enforce Child-Safety In Your Household

Issue: Mar 2021

4 Tips on How To Enforce Child-Safety In Your Household

The home is one of the most common places for children to get injured. From electrical sockets and appliances to water, bulky furniture, and harmful chemicals such as detergent or rat poison that may just be lying around in kitchen cabinets, a house is filled with potential hazards. However, most injuries that result from accidents are predictable and can be prevented.

Aside from enforcing certain safety regulations around the house and educating your children on the practice of safe habits, it is also important to make the environment at home as safe as possible, especially if you're a new parent with a baby on the way. In this article, we have highlighted some of the risks your child may face at home, and we provide useful tips on how you can child-proof your home and teach your kids to make safe choices!

1. Put Soft Padding Around Sharp Corners

Put Soft Padding Around Sharp Corners

Sharp edges of glass, metal, or wooden tables and desks are a major safety concern, especially if you have young children crawling or running around the house. Fortunately, the solution is simple. All you need is a soft safety cover to pad these sharp corners.

There are corner guards made of vinyl, thick foam, or clear and transparent rubber that can either complement or blend in with furniture, maintaining the aesthetic of your home while being barely noticeable to your little ones. They help absorb impacts in the event of a fall, protecting your children from bumps, bruises, and cuts.

In addition to sharp corners, door hinges also pose as a safety hazard. You can install finger protection strips for these- an innovative yet simple design that will protect children from having their fingers trapped.

2. Place Unessential Furniture in Storage

Young children are curious and they love to explore. This leaves them vulnerable as they don't have a full understanding of the consequences of their actions. If you have unessential or bulky furniture in the house that your children may climb onto or bump into, you might want to consider decluttering your house to reduce the risks of your child getting injured.

While decluttering your home frees up space for your child to roam about safely, it will also enhance the aesthetics of your living space. Furthermore, having a clean and spacious living area also has many physical and mental benefits as it improves the air quality in a room, lowers stress and anxiety levels, and increases concentration, creativity, and productivity!

If you're interested in decluttering your home, you can explore various storage facilities in Singapore. Renting a personal storage space is a lot like having an extra storeroom that allows you to keep bulky items or furniture that have sentimental value whilst freeing up more living space in your home to breathe.

3. Install Child Locks and Barriers

Install Child Locks and Barriers

There are certain rooms or areas in the house that pose more dangers, such as the kitchen where children may get burned or scalded due to their natural curiosity and increased mobility.

Install door barriers, doorknob covers, or locks to prevent children from entering rooms and other areas with hazards. You never know where they may wander off to when left unattended, especially when you're busy attending to other matters. Safety barriers will allow your children to play safely in an adjacent room or area while you keep watch on them from the other side.

Door barriers are also an especially important safety feature you should have if your house has stairs. Have them installed at the top and bottom to prevent your little ones from playing on the stairs. On top of door barriers for your kitchen, you may choose to add on an additional layer of security by custom fitting stove guards or stove knob covers, preventing children from pulling down hot pots and pans and from turning on a stove or oven.

4. Keep Small Objects and Hazardous Products Locked Away

Young children love putting everything into their mouth, but even as they grow older, they may not recognise or understand poison signs or warnings on certain products such as prescription medicines, insecticides, perfume, or cleaning agents.

Thus, on top of making sure that poisonous substances are kept out of reach from your children or locked away in a cupboard, you should also keep in mind not to leave small objects such as magnets, button batteries and coins lying around the house as they pose as choking hazards.

Enforce Child-Safety in Your Household with These Valuable Tips

Enforce Child-Safety in Your Household with These Valuable Tips

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