Smart Storage For The Savvy Mum-Preneur: Nancy Lai

Issue: Mar 2022

Smart Storage For The Savvy Mum-Preneur: Nancy Lai

Most of us have gotten used to online shopping to some extent, especially during these two years of the pandemic. And while the Internet and social media, especially Instagram, are a great tool for showcasing beautiful product shots, there are times when we miss getting to feel, touch and try what we’re buying in person.

Just ask Nancy Lai, a mum of two kids with two online businesses.

Her journey towards being a mum-preneur began from a personal need: Nancy’s eldest daughter, Kayleen, has allergies that make her prone to severe nosebleed episodes. When the time came for Kayleen to begin sleeping in her own bed, Nancy quickly realised that it would be an uphill task finding a bed to fit all her daughter’s needs.

Nancy's daughter with multifunctional furniture in living space

So Nancy took it upon herself to design a bed that was at a safe, low height; had no hard wooden or metal parts; and made of certified, stain-resistant and machine washable materials – while being modular, fun and easily reconfigured for imaginative play. The result was Playand: multi-functional foam furniture made of six modular pieces.

The business began from her home, but as Playand started to flourish and spark the interest of more likeminded people, Nancy started thinking about finding another storage space to keep Playand products. She also wanted a space that was just as versatile as Playand; which could allow her customers to feel the great quality of Playand, and to get a hands-on experience in testing it out.

Nancy and daughter with merchandise in StorHub storage unit

Plus, she had also started a functional nursing clothing line A Mighty Mum, once again personally designed by herself. Having encountered issues like limited public nursing rooms and lack of clothing choices for nursing or pumping access, Nancy was inspired by her motherhood journey to create clothing that could be used for all mummy duties throughout the day: for running errands, doing yoga, or even as WFH attire or lounge wear.

With two businesses under her belt, this Mighty Mum found that StorHub Lifestyle checked all the right boxes to support her ventures with amenities such as designated trolley bays, ample parking spaces, a dedicated space for storing her inventory, and unrestricted keyless storage access.

This mum-preneur especially enjoys the 24/7 access she gets to her storage unit which is equipped with a digital smart lock. The smart lock feature provides great convenience and is accessible with just a mobile app – very important for busy mums who already have to keep track of “childcare logistics”, let alone another set of physical keys!

Aside from being equipped with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, the storage area also has a communal space integrated within it where Nancy can comfortably go about checking through her orders using the free Wi-Fi that is available onsite. The rooftop garden on the same floor as StorHub Lifestyle is also a great space for keeping kids close by while parents manage what they need to do.

Nancy and daughter with merchandise in StorHub Lifestyle storage area

Tailored for micro- and mum-preneurs running side hustles from their home, collectors stashing their cherished collectibles away from curious little hands, or simply house-proud hosts keeping the clutter at bay, StorHub Lifestyle aims to support Singaporeans in their new ways of living, working and playing.

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