5 Tips To Find The Most Relevant Self Storage Facilities

Issue: Jan 2018

5 Tips To Find The Most Relevant Self Storage Facilities

Truth be told, finding a personal storage space in Singapore isn’t that difficult given the availability of companies in the city that offer storage services. However, the quality of these services varies significantly from facility to facility. With that said, it’s advisable that you take the time to consider all of your options. Scrutinize every self storage provider to ensure that the one you hire is the most appropriate company for your storage needs. Whether you are renting the storage space on a short-term basis or for the long-run, you have to see to it that the company is reliable enough to ensure the safety of all your belongings.

To help you get started on the right track, here are some very practical tips you can follow in looking for personal storage space Singapore:

Think beyond the price of the services

This is something that a lot of customers take for granted. If you are bent on finding the cheapest services available, then you are compromising the safety of your things. In a nutshell, your main focus should be on the company’s ability to secure your belongings not on how they price their services. Of course, you still have to take into account the prices but don’t make them your main criteria.

Consider the location of the storage facility

Always keep in mind that there are several factors that can lead to the loss or damage of your belongings. These include incompetence, lack of security systems, broken facilities, and natural calamities. A lot of these factors are dependent on the location of the facility. For instance, if the self storage facility is located in a shady or high-risk part of the city, then your possessions will be more susceptible to theft. Another important reason why you should consider location is accessibility. If you are near the facility, then it follows that accessing your things will be much more convenient.

Get insurance for all the items you store in the facility

There are two main procedures on how you can do this. You can get the things insured by a third-party insurance company or you can avail of the insurance policy that the storage facility offers for its clients. If you already have homeowner’s insurance, check with the insurer if they cover items that you place in a storage facility. In this instance, it may not be necessary for you to avail of the storage facility’s insurance options.

The facility should offer flexible storage options

What this means is that they can provide you with the appropriate storage space whether you are trying to store boxes of paperwork or glasses of valuable jewelry and heirlooms. For instance, a unit storing paperwork and documents may require a climate-controlled environment. A unit storing a car will require stronger physical security measures. Before you make a deal with a storage facility, make sure that they have the proper units for the specific items that you want to be stored.

Look into the storage facility’s track record.

How many years has the facility has been in business? What’s the consensus among clients when it comes to the facility’s services? To answer these questions, you will have to do a little bit of digging. There are resources online like blogs, forums, and review sites where you can find reviews written by former clients of the storage facility. You can deduce from these reviews if it’s worth it placing your valuables under the care of the facility.

Following all of these tips should help you find the self storage facility that is most appropriate for your storage requirements. We’re happy to announce that we meet all of the standards discussed in these tips. Our services have all the features required to make you feel secure about your valuables. To book any of our storage units, just visit our website and fill out our booking form.

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