6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Self Storage Unit in Singapore

Issue: Nov 2019

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Self Storage Unit in Singapore

Singapore has seen a boom in self storage over recent years. The eye-popping constructions and modern design techniques have re-invented the industry, leading to increased demand for storage units. For many people, self storage units have become an investment in peace of mind. What’s great, the units are pretty inexpensive and can fit exactly to what people need and the best part about this is that you can use the space for storing personal or business related items for probably a hundred different reasons.

This list is created to help with your consideration for a self storage unit:

1. Making room for a new baby

Want to transform your home office, guestroom, or spare room that are used as storage spaces in preparation for the arrival of a new baby? Well, this might seem challenging, whether you are a new parent or adding another baby. To create a serene, safe, and more peaceful environment for your kid, you’ll need to reorganize and probably move individual belongings out of the room.

With the best downsizing and decluttering plan, you can make it an exciting and fun experience. In this regard, you may find moving excess items into self storage units a valuable solution to welcome your baby into a great environment.

That’s not all. You can also use them to store some of the more expensive pieces of baby gear and other essential items for your future children. The storage units can be backed by great security and other features to keep all your valuable items safe and unharmed while in storage. Without proper storage, the items can easily warp and grow mildew or mould.

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2. Keep sports equipment safe in the off-season

If you don’t have a dedicated storage space on your property to put away your recreational, personal or business sports equipment from the harsh weather, you’ll want to take advantage of self storage units. It’s one of the most affordable options. Your kayak, bicycle, golf set, table tennis or badminton rackets can be safely stowed away during the period they are not in use.

Most self storage facilities offer more than standard storage units. You’ll find both indoor and outdoor units providing coverage and security for your sports equipment. Some facilities have advanced climate-controlled storage to effectively manage temperature and humidity. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing your sports equipment will be in safe hands until when you come to get it. Also, you enjoy full flexibility and control over when you can access your beloved belongings.

3. Student storage

As a college student, there are different scenarios where you may need to find storage for your stuff, such as during summer breaks, internships and going abroad on an exchange program. You obviously wouldn’t want to take all your stuff with you.

A self storage unit can save you the hassle, as it allows you to store items you don’t necessarily need when you’ll be away from campus. It’s also an ideal solution for holding items while you’re transitioning to another dorm room.

When you need storage units, it’s essential to make preparations in advance, typically a month before your summer off. That way, you’ll get the right unit size for your storage needs. Otherwise, you might have to rent a larger unit because the standard units offered by storage facilities near your college will more likely be occupied.

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4. A loved one departs and you need to store their possessions

Many grievers feel self-conscious about continuing bonds with the close relatives they’ve lost, after a certain period. Well, one way to do that is to keep their individual belongings.

If it’s your parent or grandparent, chances are they have accumulated a lot of items throughout the years. Many people often consider emptying the house either for selling or renting. Unfortunately, sorting through all the personal possessions can be quite stressing, especially if your loved one didn’t downsize.

You may want to consider placing the items in self storage units to sort through once you’re healed more emotionally. People are emotionally affected differently. Some might end up making hasty decisions they may regret later. So investing in storage units is certainly a good move during the grieving period. When emotionally healed, you can easily go through the belongings and choose what you want to hang onto.


5. Inventory management

Setting up a successful small business is by no means a small feat. When your business outgrows the spaces where it started, organising and managing your inventory effectively can become a problem. Instead of renting additional space to accommodate inventory, go for storage units. They are a more cost-effective way to keep track of your inventory and the fact that you can find a storage unit nearby means you’ll spend less time or resources moving goods from a second office.

Besides keeping your inventory organised, storage units can also help you stow away any extra equipment to create more space in your premises while you’re planning to move to a larger space.

6. You are planning a home renovation

Renovating your home can be an exciting idea. But have you thought of what will happen to your furniture and belongings? Without the right approach to temporarily store your items, a home renovation can prove rather stressful.

Renting self storage units can be the best course of action to free up your home spaces and make renovations go as smoothly as possible. Better yet, they protect your household items from damage while renovations are underway.

These are just a few reasons for considering self storage. Regardless of your reasons, it is best to take your time and find a storage service provider offering the best security features to protect your valuable items against physical damage and burglary. When it comes to that aspect, StorHub Self Storage service has got you covered for both personal and business storage needs.

Storage units are available in different types and sizes to meet your unique needs, at the most affordable prices. You can store almost anything, including furniture, books, toys, clothing, and equipment.

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To learn more about the storage unit size that’s ideal for your business or personal needs, get in touch with StorHub today or visit the size guide page!

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