6 uses of self storage for various life events

Issue: Jun 2023

6 uses of self storage for various life events

Just in case you think you’re the only one who can’t get enough of self storage, here are some other reasons we can think of where different life events prompt the need for extra storage space.

1. Moving house

Moving house is a big event especially if you have been living under the same roof for years. When we hear of someone renting a self storage unit, it sometimes starts from when they put their home on the market. You do want to show buyers that yours is a cosy lived-in home but you don’t really need them to see all the belongings that were accumulated over the years. Rather, viewing a spacious, harmonious home that can be redefined easily may be more sellable. Sort out your items and put some into a storage space if you intend to keep or use later.

2. T.O.P. is top on Singaporeans minds

When your buyer’s timeline is just ahead of yours and the new development you’re moving in to just isn’t ready. The people can move in with mom and dad or rent a place. But think about moving back into mom’s with 50 of your packed boxes and sofa set. Can you just imagine the look on her face? This is where an offsite storage space comes in handy!

3. Renovate

If you agree that the old fashioned blue mosaic wall tiles should be left in the 70s, it’s definitely time for your flat to get a facelift. You don’t really want to stay inside when contractors are hacking away for a good three days. And if there is going to be a complete overhaul with re-tiling, re-painting, re-building, re-wiring works going on, you really need to put your belongings away for safekeeping. While you splash out on your three-month backpacking trip around mom and dad’s four room HDB, your personal items can enjoy air-conditioned luxury in a personal storage hotel

4. Empty nest

When an elderly couple came to us needing a large storage space the size of two bedrooms, they revealed that all their children had moved out of the family home and they were ready to downsize to a more cosy and convenient apartment. They wanted a place where they could store some furniture and items before they were sold off and having the extra storage space gave them time to decide what to do with all their stuff.

5. Divorce and The Other Certainty

Sometimes, not everything has a happy ending. Divorce gets more complicated when one party needs to move out of the marital home or if the property needs to be sold because of archaic policies. Self storage can provide a quick solution out of this conundrum. Likewise, the death of a loved one may send a family into disarray with regards to personal property and documents. A storage space for this purpose can also leave time for the family to sort matters out.

6. Life and Happiness

It doesn’t seem right to end the blog on a melancholic note. So, we’d also like to remind families that self storage is also available for the more positive events in your life. Yes, new babies may send a family into disarray too, sending new father’s fishing rods and cosplay collection into storage to make room for a new nursery. But it is none too pleasurable to hear young couples seeking extra storage space for this reason. Welcome the new addition to the family as we at StorHub welcome you into our family too!

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