7 Tips to Maximise Productivity at Your Home Office

Issue: Oct 2019

7 Tips to Maximise Productivity at Your Home Office

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Here are 7 practical tips to maximise productivity at your home:

1. An organised environment should be a priority

Creating a home office gives you the freedom to work the way you want. However, one thing that can diminish your efficiency and productivity is a cluttered environment. For instance, if you’ve chosen to have your home office in a room where you keep your rarely used belongings, having these items around you can lower productivity. You may find your working tools mixed up with other things, which can make locating stuff hard whenever you need them. The key is organising the area properly to create an office-like environment. Remove the items you won’t be using such as toys, extra beds, extra clothing, etc. If you don’t have extra room in your home to store them, get a self storage unit service.


2. Stock all the supplies you need

After organising and creating a clutter-free working environment, the next step is stocking all the supplies needed. With a pen and paper or on your computer, figure out your business needs. Note down all the tools you’ll need. For example, apart from a chair and desk, you may need other items such as pens, notebooks, a mouse pad, a scanner, printer, internet connection, a phone, and others depending on your business. After figuring these things out, stock all of them plus extras; it’s vital. Nothing beats productivity stopping mid-way, going out to get the required supplies, and coming back to what you were doing. Therefore, stock all these supplies well in advance before you start working in your home office.

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3. Ensure there is enough lighting

Light is crucial in any design, regardless of what is going to be included in the room. Overhauling the type of lighting in your office will go a long way in boosting productivity in your office. You should consider installing ambient light to illuminate the whole room, task lighting to focus on your work area or desk, and enough natural light from windows to boost freshness in your working space. If you can’t access natural light, you can resort to using daylight bulbs; these types of bulbs will keep you alert and make you feel more like you’re working outdoors. If you can access natural light, you can install blinds or sheer curtains that will let the light into your office without any outdoor distractions.

Blue Plastic Tumbler on Wooden Table Beside Chair in Room

4. Think about the colour of your home office

Colour influences a person’s emotions, mood, and productivity. Specific colours are linked with high productivity in certain fields. For example, Red is suitable for those individuals who want to want to get ahead, while the colour green is suitable for people who need monetary motivation. Think about the colours that inspire you whenever you’re around them. Avoid shades that are linked to serenity or calmness. These colours include shades of blue and pastels. Let the colour of your home office be the first step in setting the stage for a productive office atmosphere.

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5. Use the right furniture

When doing your home office, you should invest in comfortable & quality furniture. Purchasing an office chair and desk that isn’t a good fit for your type of work will cause unnecessary strain to your back, neck, and even wrists. This will eventually slow you down or even make you avoid working from your office to prevent straining. Invest in a good quality chair that comfortably supports your back. A good chair should also have an adjustable height and angle of inclination. Once you get a comfortable desk and chair, you’ll more likely stay at your office and complete your daily tasks and achieve your targets.

Don’t forget to take breaks throughout the day. Also, don’t spend your entire day on the chair. Even if you have lots of projects to work on, these breaks are vital to relieving body tension and refresh your body.

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6. Personalise the home office

Picking individual pieces and arranging them in a way that reflects your personality isn’t easy. If you find yourself struggling with decoration for your home office space, choose a decorative theme and using it as a guide when making your decorating decisions. These themes could include floral, aquatic, nature, urban, family themes etc. The main objective is to have elements that complement one another and exhibit your personality. If you work efficiently while listening to music, you can also include it. Don’t be afraid to be daring with the decorations so long as the home office is functional.

Green Leaf Plant in White Pot Located Near the Window

7. Create a natural atmosphere using plants

Apart from oxygenating the air, having plants in your home office space will improve your satisfaction, thus increasing productivity by up to 20 per cent. Plants are also excellent home office decorations that will give your office a natural look and feel. This is why adding a plant into your home office seems like a no-brainer, especially if you want to boost your productivity levels. But remember to use plants that are meant for office spaces.

If you want to work from home and are looking to create a productive atmosphere, these ideas can help you out. Remember that everything affects your efficiency, from lights to furniture. Ensure they entice you to work productively, and they don’t bring up any stress factors.

Using a storage facility to store your excess valuables

Since the organisation is the most crucial aspect when creating a home office, ensure that everything is well-organised. Even if you’re working from home, the environment should be office-like. You shouldn’t have extra clothing, toys, or sports equipment cluttering the space. If you don’t have excess space in your home to store these items, you can always count on the StorHub Self Storage in Singapore.

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